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Mobile access to timetables

About the service

The iCalendar timetable feed provides personalised iCalendar (or iCal) timetables into third party applications such as Google calendar and mobile handsets such as iPhone.

The iCalendar feeds present a list of the student and staff teaching events from the timetable system.

The feeds are updated regularly, although there will be some time delay for any timetable changes. Normally this will be the same day, however please note that the refresh rate for each application varies, and amendments may take a few hours to update.

How do I get my personalised iCalendar feed?

You have access to a personalised timetable web address and depending on your smartphone make it's possible to access your timetable using your phone's calendar app or its browser. What you will need to do will differ depending on which type of smartphone you have.

Android phone

Blackberry phone


Windows phone

Why does it say ‘Your iCalendar feed is not currently available’?

If you are not yet registered, or you do not have any appropriate teaching event associations, no iCalendar feed will be produced for you.

If you have a student timetable displayed in the portal, but no icalendar feed is produced after 24 hours, please contact with icalendar in the email subject.

Data protection

Please note, in principle anyone could view a personalised calendar feed eg your parents could view your teaching timetable on their iPhone if you sent them the link! However there is no identifying information within the iCalendar file.

How do I use my iCalendar timetable?

You can subscribe to your personalised calendar so that your teaching timetable will be presented alongside your personal calendar in your calendar application. Here are instructions for some mainstream platforms.

Office 365

Outlook Calendar


If you have any feedback or questions about this service, please contact with iCalendar in the subject line.

Page last updated on Tuesday 21 November 2017 at 5.00pm.

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