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Cancelled class statement

Cancelled and rescheduled classes

The University is committed to providing an excellent teaching and learning experience and believes the provision of face to face contact sessions (whether these are lectures, seminars, practicals etc) are fundamental to enabling students to benefit from their educational experience at Solent.

The University also recognises the importance of well publicised and stable timetables to the student experience.

Consequently, the University will endeavour to avoid cancelling or rescheduling classes where ever possible.

However, there are some circumstances where cancelled and rescheduled classes are unavoidable eg adverse weather conditions, sudden staff illness, major transport hold-ups, equipment failure and other unplanned and unpredicted events.

Cancelled classes

Where a member of staff, due to circumstances beyond their control, is unable to take a class at the scheduled time, the University will endeavour to:

  • Provide a face to face session with another member of staff on a topic relevant to the unit/course,
  • Where it is not possible to substitute a member of staff, the University will reschedule the class for another time and update the timetabling system to reflect the change, or
  • Where it is not possible to reschedule a class the missed learning opportunity will be covered by means of the provision of additional learning materials to ensure students are not disadvantaged.

By ‘cancelled class’ the University means the cancelling of scheduled teaching sessions which cannot take place at the scheduled time with a member of teaching staff and where the University only informs the students on the day of cancellation.

Students will be notified of cancelled classes between 8am and 1pm by SMS message. Timetables are updated regularly throughout the day.  It is the responsibility of students to check for changes to their timetables. Where a class is unavoidably cancelled, in addition to the SMS message a member of academic staff will be present at the beginning of the teaching session to inform students the session is cancelled and the reason for the late notification.

Rescheduled classes

Rescheduled classes are where scheduled sessions are moved to a different time/day/location, and where students are informed the day before at the latest.




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