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Room booking for students

The following guidelines apply to all students who wish to book University rooms, which include all on and off site facilities. All bookings will refer back to the general conditions for the letting of University facilities.

Booking a room

General bookings should be booked seven days in advance where possible. Students should email their room booking requests with a detailed explanation as to the activity taking place in the room, along with a signed copy of the terms and conditions form, found below, to Alternatively, forms can be handed in to the Student Hub. 

Room booking terms and conditions form

Once the room booking has been approved, students will be emailed confirmation of the booking, including a unique event id that should be quoted back to if the event is subsequently cancelled or amended.


1. Specialist rooms must be booked via the methods explained at your course inductions.

2. Conference suites are not bookable to students.

3. Depending on the type of activity for which the room is being used for, students may be asked to complete a risk assessment form before confirmation of a booking can be made.

4. Rooms can be booked Monday to Friday from 9am-9pm and 9am-5pm at the weekends, during term time. The use of rooms after 9pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends is not permitted and individuals must vacate before that time.

5. The University reserves the right to move bookings when necessary.

6. The University reserves the right to refuse bookings at its absolute discretion.

7. Organisers of clubs and societies officially recognised by Solent Student’s Union can request room bookings via the Student Union. Once approved, details of the booking requests will be forwarded to TAR for booking. Details for the use of space are to be clearly defined in the email and should not contravene any of the general conditions of lettings.

General conditions of lettings

8. Charity fund raising events will only be permitted if it is an integral part of the student’s course. Students will need to provide full details of the activities planned to generate donations and must comply with the University’s health and safety and insurance regulations, particularly in respect of the selling of goods for consumption. This entails that only pre-packaged food or beverages will be permitted for sale. Pre-packaged is defined as having been bought from a recognised food supplier in pre-sealed packaging.

9. University clubs or societies who wish to fundraise will not be permitted to do so on University premises, but will be directed to the Student Union for space.

10. Cancellations should always be notified to the timetabling and rooming office as soon as they become apparent.

11. The student is responsible for any re-arrangement of the rooms, which must be returned to its original layout before vacating. Failure to do so will remove the privilege of making further bookings.

12. The student making the booking will be held responsible for any damage to the room or its contents, including the removal of all litter.

13. It is the responsibility of the student booking the rooms to ensure that health and safety regulations are observed and that evacuation procedures are understood by everyone present. This includes:

  • fire evacuation procedures must be adhered to at all times.
  • first aid emergency assistance can be reached on ext. 3700 at EPT and ext. 4200 at WMA.
  • the facilities team have the authority to ask you to vacate a room when necessary.

14. General room allocation by timetabling and rooming does not include specialist equipment. Any requirement for audio visual equipment etc, in a non-specialist room, must be arranged directly with the ICT Service Desk on ext. 2345 or email:

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