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Academic appeals

When you receive your assessment results you may not always feel the decision is correct. You can submit an academic appeal and ask that the decision is looked at again.

The University is committed to having in place fair, effective and timely procedures for handling student academic appeals and ensuring that students may access these without concern that they may be treated less favourably as a result of an appeal.

You can't appeal 'academic judgement', which the University defines as “A decision about scholarship that only a suitably experienced academic can make”. This means that you cannot ask for a review of your mark or grade just because you think it is worth more than the lecturer has given.

You may appeal the decision of a Board where:

  1. New, relevant, written extenuating circumstances are presented (see University extenuating circumstances procedure), supported by appropriate evidence, that for good reason were not originally made available to the Extenuating Circumstances panel, and therefore were not considered at the time of the decision of the Unit Assessment Board.
  2. Processes were not conducted in accordance with current approved policies and procedures or there was other irregularity concerned with the assessment process.
  3. There has been a material and significant error in the recording and/or processing of assessments/results.
  4. There has been a procedural error in the calculation of the award/progression decision; or,
  5. Academic penalties were not applied in accordance with current approved policies and procedures.

Instructions on making an appeal are published alongside your results on your results portal page. You'll also find details of where to submit your form and what the deadlines are for making an appeal. 

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Where to get help

The Student Hub is a great source of advice and can talk you through your results before you decide whether you need to submit a formal appeal. They're happy to help.

They can also provide you with copies of any forms or procedures you need, advise you on the grounds for an appeal and can book you an appointment with your school student achievement officer (SAO) should they feel that the issues you've raised require it.

The Student Union’s Student Advice Centre

The Student Union’s Student Advice Centre is located on the ground floor of the Students’ Union and is the place to access free, confidential and impartial advice from the Student Union’s Academic Case Worker. The Academic Case Worker will also offer you support in any meetings with the University.

Policy, Governance and Information

Policy, Governance and Information oversees the query and appeals procedure and deals with University stage appeals. If you need advice on the procedure you can speak to the student conduct, complaints and appeals team. Email or telephone 023 8201 3808.

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