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Tier 4 Terms and Conditions

Tier 4 Sponsorship – Student Terms and Conditions

Solent University holds a Tier 4 Sponsor License, issued by the UK Home Office. The Sponsor License allows the University to recruit International students and support (sponsor) their application for the Tier 4 visa to study in the UK. As a Tier 4 Sponsor the University have certain responsibilities and rules which we must follow, including monitoring our Tier 4 students, reporting changes of circumstances and withdrawing sponsorship if we believe a Tier 4 student is no longer a genuine student. The University’s UKVI Tier 4 Compliance Handbook sets out how the University meets our duties in respect of our Tier 4 Sponsor License. It is important the University meets our tier 4 responsibilities otherwise we could lose our license and not be able to recruit international students.

Similarly, as a Tier 4 student you have conditions attached to your visa and it is equally important that you abide by these conditions. Breaking the conditions of your visa can have serious consequences for you, ranging from a fine to deportation and in extreme cases being barred from applying for a UK visa for up to 10 years.

This page sets out some of the most important conditions of your Tier 4 visa and University policies Tier 4 students must follow. If you fail to comply with University policy and processes, you will be withdrawn from your course and reported to the Home Office, who will curtail (cancel) your visa.

Attendance Monitoring

The University is required by the UK Home Office to monitor the attendance of Tier 4 students to ensure they continue to be genuine students who are attending and engaging with their course of study. The University monitors student attendance in accordance with the Academic Framework(paragraph 143-145) through the SEAtS attendance monitoring system, which matches swipe data from your student card against your student timetable. If your attendance/engagement does not meet the requirements of the University you will be receive warning emails and if your attendance does not improve you will be withdrawn from the University. It is therefore vital that you log your attendance using the card-readers available at all your timetabled scheduled lectures, tutorials and seminars. Your location from the University cannot be used as an excuse for not attending your timetabled sessions. If you have chosen to
live a distance from the University (e.g in London), it is your responsibility to ensure you travel to Southampton for all your scheduled timetabled sessions.

Authorised Absence

Tier 4 students may sometimes have valid reason not to attend the University, for example illness or family bereavement. If you will be absent from the University for one-week or more the University can grant you a short period of authorised absence and put your attendance record ‘on hold’. To request a period of authorised absence email stating the dates you will be absent and appropriate evidence, such as a doctor’s note. Requests should be made in advance (where possible) and the granting of authorised absence is at the discretion of the UKVI Compliance Team. PhD research students should email the Graduate Studies Office.


Tier 4 students are permitted to go on work placement during term time provided the work placement is an integral and assessed part of their course. The University is required to notify the Home Office if our Tier 4 students carry out a work placement during their course of study. If we do not report the work placement to the Home Office you could be breaking the conditions of your visa if you work over the permitted working hours stated on your visa. Therefore, it is essential you log your placement on the University Placement App prior to starting the placement.

Please note, if a work placement is not an integral and assessed part of your course, you could undertake a period of ‘work experience’ in the UK instead. If you undertake work experience you must continue to attend all timetabled sessions and you should be aware that any work experience is likely to count towards your permitted working hours (see working conditions below).

Visa Conditions

Working Conditions

Most Tier 4 students have immigration permission which allows them to work during their studies. However, the hours and type of work you can do are restricted, usually to 10 or 20 hours per week during term time, as specified on your BRP card. The UK Home Office treats working in breach of your visa conditions very seriously and it can remove you from the UK if you work too many hours and refuse future UK immigration applications. More information on working during your studies and visa restrictions can be found on the portal.

Please note, Tier 4 visa students are not permitted to be self-employed or engaged in Business Activity, which includes, setting up a business, being employed for a company in which you hold shares of 10% or more or holding a statutory role, such as a director. This includes while on periods of work placement.

Passport, Visa and Contact Details

The University is required to hold a valid in date visa/BRP and passport for all Tier 4 students studying at the University. If you are granted a new visa or passport please bring your new documentation to the Student Hub and the University will take a copy for our records. The University may withdraw students from their course of study if we do not hold a valid passport and visa or have evidence that an application for a new visa/BRP has been submitted.

The University is required to hold up to date contact details for our Tier 4 visa students. If your contact details change (address, phone number, email), please log into the portal to update. You also need to keep your contact details up to date with the Home Office and if you were required to register with the Police the police as well.

Registering with the Police

If you come from one of the listed countries and your Tier 4 immigration permission is for more than six months then you will be required to register with the Police. Please see the registering with the police page of the portal for more information.


Overstaying means allowing your visa, or BRP, to expire whilst you remain in the UK. Overstaying is a criminal offence. There is no 'grace period' within which you can lawfully overstay. Please ensure you leave the UK before your visa expiry or if you wish to extend your visa allow plenty of time to prepare.


Tier 4 students who do not comply with the regulations on this page or if the University becomes aware you are breaking any other conditions attached to your visa you will be withdrawn from the University. Please note, if a Tier 4 student withdraws, suspends (interrupts) or is withdrawn from their course of study, the University must report this to the Home Office who will curtail (cancel) your visa.

Visa Advice and Student Support

If you require visa or immigration advice or student support our International Advice Service, based centrally within The Student Hub (RM050) are here to support you throughout your student experience.

More information about Tier 4 conditions of leave is available on the protecting your Tier 4 sponsor status pages of the UKCISA website.


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