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Health CareWe hope that your time at Southampton Solent University will be happy and healthy, but it is always a good idea to know what to do in case you are unwell. Please see the information below which we hope will be of use.


In an emergency, dial 999. The operator will ask which service you require (Police, Fire, Ambulance). If you ask for an ambulance, the operator will ask you some questions about what has happened. An ambulance will normally take you, or the sick/injured person, to the A&E (Accident and Emergency) Department. If you live in Southampton, this will be at Southampton General Hospital 

All emergency treatment in A&E is free, however if you are admitted to hospital as a result and have not paid the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) or are otherwise exempt you will then be liable to pay for treatment.


If you need medical help or advice but it's not a life-threatening situation you could dial 111. You will be put through to an adviser who will ask you some questions about your condition and make recommendations about next steps. These might include making an appointment to see your GP, or attending a Walk-in Centre. You can discuss any concerns you may have with the adviser. .

National Health Service (NHS) treatment

International Students from outside the EU/EEA who hold a valid Tier 4 (General) visa and who have paid the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) as part of their visa application are eligible to receive the same NHS treatment as UK Residents. In most cases, the treatment is free, although there is a charge for prescriptions (prescribed medication). NHS Treatment can be provided at the Doctor's (GP's) Surgery, or at the hospital (as an in-patient or as an out-patient). 

Students who hold a short-term student visit visa are not eligible to receive non-emergency free NHS treatment and you should make sure that you obtain private health insurance before coming to the UK. For more information, please see NHS Choices

EU/EEA students

When accessing NHS healthcare of any description EU/EEA Nationals will need to show their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) issued in their country of ordinary residence in order to prove their entitlement. If you have not already obtained a card prior to coming to the UK, you can find out the procedure for applying in your country here 

Registering with a doctor (GP)

When you arrive in Southampton and have enrolled with the University, you will need to register with a doctor so that you can be treated promptly, if you feel unwell. In the UK a doctor who is based in a health clinic, or surgery, is also known as a GP, or General Practitoner. 

If you will be living in Halls, most students choose to register with St Mary's Surgery. (see the New Patients section).

There will be an opportunity to register with St Mary's Health Surgery during Welcome Week.

If you are in private accommodation, a list of other doctors willing to register students is available from The Student Hub.

Once you are registered, you can call the doctor's surgery and arrange an appointment if you feel unwell, or book an appointment on line.

For further information about how the UK Medical System works, visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) webpages 

If you are undergoing any medical treatment or you have had any serious illnesses in the past, please bring a doctor’s report with you in English. This should give details of your condition and any treatment/medication you may require. Failure to provide this information could cause delays and/or problems with treatment. Contact The Student Hub for further advice.

For your own protection you should be up to date with the following immunisations:

  • Diphtheria/Tetanus/Polio
  • Meningitis C
  • Measles/Mumps/Rubella
  • BCG.

Walk-in centres

NHS walk-in centres offer convenient access to a range of treatment. They are usually managed by a nurse who can treat minor illnesses and injuries.

These include:

  • infection and rashes
  • fractures and lacerations
  • emergency contraception and advice
  • stomach upsets
  • cuts and bruises
  • and burns and strains.

Walk-in centres are available to everyone. Patients do not need an appointment. Most centres are open 365 days a year and outside office hours.

There is a Walk-in Centre within the Royal South Hants Hospital, situated close to the University.  

Southampton Central Minor Injuries Unit
Fanshawe Wing
Royal South Hants Hospital
Graham Road
Southampton, SO14 0YG
Tel: 023 8071 6539

Meningitis C

All first year students are now advised to be vaccinated against Strain C meningitis two weeks prior to your arrival at Southampton Solent University. 

If you are 25 or younger, you are strongly advised by the University to have a vaccination. This is a service provided by your doctor. This does not provide immunity to all strains of meningitis, so you should still watch out for symptoms.

Students with disabilities

If you have a disability or medical condition for which you may need support in your studies please contact the University's Disability Service, Access Solent, to discuss support requirements. You will need to show evidence either in the form of a medical report or doctor’s letter translated into English.

Find out more about Access Solent


The University offers free counselling and hypnotherapy sessions to all students.

During your stay

Please visit the Student Hub for detailed information on how to access healthcare.

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