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BudgetingLife as a student can turn out to be quite expensive. You should be careful about how you spend your money and budget.

The international student planning tool created by British Council may be helpful when planning live in the UK. 

Top tips to help you save money

  • Credit cards and store cards are good only if pay off the balance when your bill comes or at least make the minimum payment each month.
  • Avoid eating out regularly. Try cooking with friends!
  • Avoid underestimating.
  • Buy fruit and vegetable from grocery shops.
  • Be careful to stay within your overdraft limit if you have one.
  • Be realistic about your spending patterns.
  • Not forget to include occasional payments such as haircuts.
  • When you go shopping for food, buy supermarkets own brand food.
  • Limit unnecessary expenditure for example - walk/cycle or use public transport instead of taking taxi.
  • Keep your bank statements and letters. You can monitor your spending with them and they are also very important documents.
  • Write things down in a 'spending diary' if you're unsure where your money goes each week.

Check out the student funding pages for further information

If you still feel your finances are getting the better of you or you need help with your budgeting, please come and see our funding adviser at the Student Hub RM050.

Page last updated on Friday 26 July 2019 at 2.12pm.


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