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Staff survey monitoring study

Re-examination of the 2005 Staff Survey and Related Matters

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Preparation for the Solent Employee Consultation 2010/11

An article in Campus Link on 15 February (and on the HR portal) introduces the preparatory work underway for the Solent Employee Consultation 2010/11.

Part of this preparation involves blowing the dust off the 2005 staff survey. During February/March 2010 Faculties and Services will be publishing their own updates of progress against the action plans they each adopted after the 2005 survey. To complement these updates this short compilation provides a University-wide summary of reported progress.

General themes

The progress reports contain a number of common themes -

  • widespread action has been taken to improve everyday communication, including adoption of team brief arrangements, regular staff meetings, and information bulletins
  • staff engagement in forward planning has improved, with a big increase in the use of Time-Out events and other initiatives to broaden input to annual plans
  • significant advances have been made to apply standard employment practices to part-time and fixed term members of staff
  • good work is being done to establish and embed the employee appraisal scheme
  • many Faculties and Services report a heightened awareness of the need to address all forms of unacceptable behaviour at work
  • there is a growing awareness of the positive benefits of work-related health promotion initiatives

Specific developments

Faculties and Services also adopted objectives that were relevant to their area -

  • in a number of areas initiatives have focussed on improving team working
  • in a number of areas there has been a notable increase in the range of flexible working practices in use
  • attention to address workload and workload allocation has led to reported improvements in a number of academic subject areas
  • high levels of interest in the University's management training programmes are reported

Continuing challenges

The reports include a reassuringly straightforward recognition of further work to be done -

  • a recognition of the need to continue to improve the ways in which change is led and managed
  • a couple of Faculties and Services report continuing work to address interpersonal relationship problems in identified work teams, including the need to overcome resistance

These reports of progress since the 2005 survey will be taken forward as part of the planning for the 2010/11 Solent Employee Consultation.

Steve Bloor, Director of HR 
9 February 2010 


A re-examination of the 2005 Staff Survey and related matters - progress update

A full progress update against the 12 actions approved by the Vice-Chancellor as part of the above report was presented to Management Board on 16 February. The summary note used as part of the presentation is set out below. The response from Management Board was one of real interest and very positive support for the range of innovative developments being taken forward. Deans and Directors said that they would be sharing this update with their Management Team colleagues. The Vice-Chancellor also asked that a further quarterly progress update be brought forward in June 2010 and that this should again be provided directly to all staff and the trade unions.

Action a - Personal Relationships at Work

Updated policy launched in October 2009 via Campus Link and became operational in November 2009. An all-staff reminder was included as part of the Campus Link newly-introduced quarterly HR Update in January 2010.

Action b - Solent Health Spark

Successful launch in November/December 2009 and the first-year development programme is now underway. Progress report to Management Board and Trade Unions in January 2010. Solent Health Spark is a collaborative programme led by Sport Solent in conjunction with Estates and Facilities and HR Services.

Action c - University Training Framework

The University's first Training Framework was adopted by Management Board in autumn 2009. The University Training Forum is leading implementation of the framework that will also be integrated into the new Solent Careers initiative in February 2010. Updating of the Framework during 2010 will be informed by the SDP Learning Needs Analysis that gets underway in February 2010.

Action d - Equality Scheme

Successful launch in January 2010 and hailed by ECU as being ahead of the game nationally . The high level of participation in the launch events coupled with the high level of engagement in the consultation phase underlines the importance that the Solent community attach to this initiative.The University Equality Forum is leading a high activity programme to embed the Scheme during 2010/11.

Action e - Equal Pay Review

Satisfactory work-in-progress in conjunction with an external expert consultancy. The planned report date is spring (April/May) 2010.

Action f - Presentation of Report to SMT

Completed on 24 November 2009.

Action g - Presentation of Report to Faculty and Service Management Teams

Completed during November/December 2009 (with just a couple of rescheduled meetings into the New Year). An excellent response from all Faculties and Services.

Action h - Updated progress reports

A very positive response from across the University. Faculties and Services will be publishing their progress reports during February/March, and a short University-wide compilation was placed on the HR and Equality & Diversity portals in early February 2010.

Action i - Re-statement of Solent values

The Vice-Chancellor and members of the Management Board were prominent participants at the launch events for the new Equality Scheme in January 2010. The Vice-Chancellor's Foreword to the Scheme underlines that Solent is a University whose vision and values place a premium on diversity, inclusiveness and social justice. Professor Gore emphasises it is central to what we do and who we are.

Action j - Employment policies

Work is scheduled to commence in April 2010 and will be led by the Director of HR. The HR Service has registered with the Plain English Campaign and all new employment policy will be accredited to the Crystal Mark standard (the Equality Scheme was the first).

Action k - Occupational Health

The re-tender programme is underway and on-plan for a new service to be introduced during 2009/10. Close linkage with the Solent Health Spark programme is in place.

Action l - Solent Employee Consultation

Preliminary work commenced on schedule in January through a special Management Board working group. An early all-staff communication was placed in Campus Link and on the HR portal on 15 February. Work is on schedule to present to Management Board on 23 March with detailed work-up to commence in April 2010. Once again this is envisaged as a collaborative development involving MCS, RIU, and HR Services.

Steve Bloor, Director of Human Resources
16 February 2010


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