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Online registration block FAQs

Student who have tuition related fees outstanding with the University will be unable to access online registration for graduation. Other charges owed to the university will not prevent a student from accessing online registration.

This block will remain on the student’s account until all outstanding tuition related charges are cleared.

Common questions in relation to this can be found below:

How can I pay?

Payment of fees may be made online by visiting

Find out more about methods of payment

What do I owe?

The balance owed will be displayed when the student tries to access the registration app.

What is it for?

The balance will be made up of the following tuition related charges.

  • Unpaid tuition fees from a previous year. This amount will vary depending on your fees and how much you have paid. Students can check previous statements for details.
  • Reassessment (resit or resubmission of work) fees for previous years. For 2016/17 they were £62 per 20 CATS and are often charged in multiples depending on how many resits/resubmissions you have done. 
  • Unpaid BTEC registration or other course related professional fees

Students are not blocked from online registration for other non tuition related charges.

If you do not know what the balance is for please contact the income team.

How can I discuss the charges on my account or payment arrangements?

  • To discuss payment arrangements or for any other account queries, students should contact the income team
  • Please note: Students are liable for reassessment fees whether or not they sit the exam or resubmit the work. Not sitting the exam or resubmitting the work will not be a valid reason for non payment of reassessment charges.

What if I am experiencing serious financial difficulties?

In you are experiencing serious financial difficulties please contact the Student Hub and ask to speak to a funding advisor.

More about student funding  

Page last updated on Thursday 13 September 2018 at 9.36am.


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