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Business and Society Research and Innovation Hub

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We welcome you all to the Business and Society Hub page, here you will find information about upcoming events and research seminars promoted by the Hub. We would like to also encourage all of you if you wish to propose new events and deliver sessions for the hub. 

The Business and Society Hub is a vibrant and dedicated community of researchers and innovators who together, with support of the University, are committed to providing the highest quality of internationally renowned research and ideas. We embrace a wide range of disciplines and interests that include business management, international economic development and entrepreneurship, SME partnerships, criminology, law, cybercrime, project management, languages, the visitor economy, dark tourism, social policy, and much more. The multi-disciplinary nature of our work serves to provide a strong, cohesive and united community of colleagues working towards a common goal. In line with the University’s commitment to social justice, we work to produce research and innovation that benefits the local Southampton area as well as Hampshire and the UK more widely.

Our Hub provides a means for all members to access a variety of resources. This includes practical advice on funding opportunities and peer review, access to mentoring, and a supportive and encouraging environment where colleagues can benefit from the experience, insight, skills and connections of peers. A rich programme of academic events and of training is available to all members and serves to prove a continuous programme of academic development. 

We have a thriving postgraduate community, and are proud of the work conducted by our PhD student whose various contributions enhance our group. We endeavour to provide a supportive and academically, culturally and socially rich environment in which each student can achieve their potential; and the Hub is central to that promise. 

New members from across the University are welcome to become part of our Hub vision and to work with us to foster strong and enriching working collaborations with our many external partners. 

It is not enough for us to just engage in the debate; it is our vision to lead it. The Hub is a key resource through which we can enable our community to make strong, focused and effective contribution to research and innovation. 

Contact details

Dr Esther Snell, Business and Society Hub Fellow

Sue Nash, Administrator, Research and Innovation

Alice Webb, Events and Promotions Coordinator, Research and Innovation

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