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How do I review students’ ethics applications?

Every time a student names you as the member of staff with supervisory responsibility for their project, you will receive an email to your Southampton Solent University staff email with a portal link to their application. 

  • Click on the ‘project’ link (you may be prompted to log into the portal) 

  • When you have reviewed the application you can click to accept or decline the application 

  • You have the option to add a comment to accompany your decision if you wish to do so.

What should I do if a student has wrongly named me as their supervisor?

Click on the project link in the email and decline the application with the comment: 

‘You have not named the correct member of staff to review this project. Consult your course team before resubmitting.'

Why do I need to respond to a student who has wrongly named me as their supervisor?

If you don’t decline the application as described above, the student will not be able to access their application to edit it for resubmission.

When should I review an application?

Normally a response should be made to an application within five working days.

Can students start their projects before I approve their application?

No. Students who begin their projects prior to receiving ethical approval would be in breach of the ethical approval process and could face disciplinary actions under the student academic misconduct policy. (p.2 L.3)

Student academic misconduct

What should I do if a student application requires a full ethical review by an ethics standing panel?

You will still be asked to review the application and accept or decline it.  

  • If you decline it, it will be returned to the student, who may then edit it in response to any comments you have made. 

  • If you accept it, it will be forwarded to the ethics standing panel.

How long does it take for the ethics standing panel to review an application? 

Normally an ethics standing panel will respond within ten working days of the date on which you accept the student’s application.

What happens if the panel declines a student’s application? 

This restarts the process and you will be asked to review any resubmission of the application before it would be eligible to return to the panel.

What happens if the panel approves the application with comments? 

Approval with comment may entail either ‘comments’ or ‘conditions’.  

  • A ‘comment’ is something the panel want the applicant to consider when undertaking their project, but the project can begin. 

  • A student must demonstrate to you as the supervisor of the project how they will meet any ‘condition(s)’ set by the panel before they start their project.

Will the student be able to print their approved ethics application? 

Yes. They can download it as a PDF for printing.

To view PDF files you need to have Adobe Reader™ installed.
Adobe Reader™ is available free from the Adobe website.

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