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You said, we listened

In order to continue to improve our services we need to hear your opinion on what the library is doing right or wrong.
We value your feedback and act on it.

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There are a number of ways in which you can give us your feedback:

Below are some examples of how your comments have shaped our service during 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/2018, 2018/2019 academic years.


You said – “Can we have some Macs in the Individual Study Rooms?"

We did – We have installed 2 new Macs in the Individual Study Rooms which can be booked


You said – “We want the library to be open for longer hours during the Summer and at night”

We did – We have extended the opening hours throughout the Summer period and extended 24/7 provision


You said – “Can we have chocolate in the Vending machines?”

We did – In addition to the healthy options we have a standard vending machine which will dispense chocolate products


You said - “Can we have a place in the library for heating up our own food?”

We did – Liaised with colleagues in the Estates Department to provide an area on the ground floor of the library where you can use a microwave (Summer 2019)


You said – “Can we have access to boiling water for making hot drinks and instant food?”

We did - Liaised with colleagues in the Estates Department to provide an area on the ground floor of the library where you can use a hot water dispenser (Summer 2019)


You said – “We want more facilities for studying in small groups”

We did – The refurbishment of Area B and C on the 1st and 2nd will contain 4 new bookable group study rooms (Summer 2019)


You said - "Can the larger area on the third floor be a group study area instead of a quiet study area?"

We did - We have now altered the layout of the floor so that the larger area is the group study area and the smaller area is the quiet area.


You said - "I'd like to be able to see the availability of the computers in the library"

We did - We now have a system called MyPC whereby you can book computers. Currently this is only available on the third floor but will be rolled out throughout the rest of the library soon.


You said - "I'd like more plugsockets in order to use laptops and other portable devices around the library"

We did - There have now been even more plugsockets installed on the third floor.


You said - "Can we please have more computers in the library as I can't always find one during busy periods?"

We did - During the summer of 2017 we had a refurbishment of the library and as a result we now have more PCs throughout most of the floors. 


You said - "We need more electrical sockets for our mobile devices."

 We did - We have now installed 114 new sockets throughout the library, this will hopefully help you charge your laptops etc. more easily and help you to work in groups.


You said - "The toilets are sometimes unclean and unpleasant to use"

We did - Working with our Cleaning Team we have put measures in place so that we can respond immediately to any incidents, and hopefully the overall standard of the cleanliness of the toilets will be better. 

You said - "Why can’t first/second year students use the Individual Study Rooms?"

We did - We now set aside some Individual Study Rooms for first/second year students to use during Summer Months. These rooms are also unlocked after 6:45pm and can be used by any students if they are free.


You said - "How can I tell if a study room is available?"

We did - We have now created an App on the portal that shows availability of the study rooms at a glance. You can even click on the link from the app to book a room.


You said - "I can’t always find a computer"

We said - To enable you to find or book a computer we are looking to implement a booking and availability display system by summer 2017


You said - "I don’t like that I have to search for books and articles separately. Can we please have a search function that combines everything?"

We did - We have added another option on the library catalogue which allows you to search books, articles and everything else together. This change is in response to your feedback that we received during research that was carried out during 2015/2016 academic year.


You said - "Can we please have more water coolers in the library?"

We did - In June 2016 we installed 2 new watercoolers. One is located on the ground floor in the foyer of the library and on the other is located on the second floor.


You said - "We would like the library to be open during the Christmas vacation when the university is closed"

We did - We arranged for the library to be open for 3 days during the Christmas closure period. This took place between Christmas and the New Year.


You said - "Some areas of the library can get too noisy."

We did - We have now increased staff presence on the floors by responding to complaints about noise, particularly 1A. We have also created new signage to go up in these areas which display whether the area is a silent, quiet or group study area. Hopefully now with these changes, the noise levels will decrease, we will continue to monitor. However, we would encourage all students to use the chat facilities, come and visit the enquiry desk on the ground floor or speak to any member of staff and report the issue. Also, remember there is a silent area of the library located on the ground floor should you need it, which should hopefully be a peaceful space for you to work.


You said - “There aren’t enough places for me to plug my laptop in.”

We did - There are desks at the front of the library on 1A, these each have power sockets. Additionally, we have created more space in the basement which means there is now more laptop space and also 26 power sockets.


You said - “Can we have some PC’s in the quiet area on floor 1?”

We did - We have now put in network PC’s in the quiet area on 1A so that there are some computers for you to use in that study area.


You said - “People leave the group study rooms empty but it says they are booked.”

We did - As a result of a student survey that was carried out, students can now only book group study rooms for 2 hour time slots. This should eliminate the issue of students being able to book group study rooms for long periods of time and vacating them and leaving them empty.


You said - “I don’t like the 3 strike policy that’s in place for when I don’t have my student card.”

We did - In September 2015 we removed the 3 strike policy so that it is easier for students to enter the library if they do not have their campus card with them. They must provide the member of staff at the access desk their name and photo ID. They will then be asked one question in regards to their personal details that are held on the system. However, they will not be able to borrow any items until they have their card with them or get a new card.


You said - "I am having trouble connecting to the wireless network in the library."

We did - We are aware of the limitations of the wireless network during busy periods and apologise for this . The wireless network is due to be upgraded during Summer 2014.


You said - "The online study carrel booking system is frustrating to use as you have to view individual carrels before booking. The process is wasteful of time."

We did - We are aware of the limitations of the online study carrel booking system and apologise for the frustrations caused.  The system will be reviewed and improvements made.


You said - "We would like the library to open for longer hours"

We did - As a result of the success of last academic year 24/5 pilot opening hours (during the examination period) we have extended opening hours in 2013/14. From 17/02/14 we shall be opening 24/5 for 12 weeks (excluding the Easter vacation period).  

Read more about 24/5 opening 

You said - "Where have the power sockets from the 1st floor gone?"

We did - As part of the refurbishment project for the 1st floor of the library new furniture was installed during the Summer. Unfortunately there has been a delay with the desking at the front of the library. This has caused problems with access to the power sockets. We are working with Estates to rectify this problem. The plans for the 1st floor are to increase the number of power sockets available as soon as we can.

UPDATE... The new desking at the front of the library on the first floor is now in place. Each study space now contains power sockets. Apologies for the delay and thank you for being patient.


You said - "The study carrells on the 1st floor are cold."

We did - Estates department has been contacted and the air vents from the air conditioning units supplying the study carrells have been modified. A thermometer has been set up in the area to monitor the temperature.


You said - "The 2nd floor is too hot, the 1st floor is too cold."

We did - A brand new air conditioning system was installed during the summer holidays. This means that the temperature on the 1st and 2nd floor of the library is much more consistent and comfortable.

UPDATE... Thermomenters have been postioned on the 1st and 2nd floors to measure the room temperature.


You said - "I would suggest the library opening hours should be increased, especially for final year students."

We did - Beginning  Monday 8th April, the library on the main campus will be open for 24 hours for 5 nights a week for a total of 9 weeks. We hope further positive feedback on this will lead to permanent 24 hour opening times for the Library in the upcoming Academic year.


You said - "There is not enough plugs for me to use my laptop charger and I use it all the time for my work in the library."

We did - 80 power sockets have been added in the library to facilitate better access for laptops. These can be found in the Foyer area (0B), First floor (1A) and Basement (BA).


You said - "The group study area on the second floor is too busy and I can never get a table with a computer to work on presentations with the group, because students do individual work there."

We did - We installed tables with plug sockets for laptops. Laptops can be borrowed from the IT help desk on the 2nd floor. These are excellent places for group study purposes. 


You said - "People are on Facebook and chat to friends, whilst others really need the computer for uni work."

Access gateWe did - Certain areas of the IT centre (indicated on the display board at the entrance) now have a Facebook ban policy which blocks access to Facebook between 8.30am and 3pm, as this is the busiest period.


You said - "Access gate needs to be fixed."

We did - A new access gate has been installed over the summer for the 2012/14 academic year. 


You said - "I think everyone would benefit from having a PDF version of Harvard Referencing."

We did - A PDF version of a guide for Harvard Referencing is available from the referencing pages.

Water Dispenser

You said - "It is difficult to focus entirely on work, when all you think about is how hot it is in the library."

We did - Library management have discussed the problem with Estates (the responsible department for maintenance work, etc.) and will continue to feedback comments to them for improvements. Meanwhile we installed cold water dispensers, which help keep you hydrated during hot days.



Page last updated on Thursday 4 April 2019 at 10.46am.


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