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Use our suggestion form to give us your thoughts and suggestions about the library - good or bad.

If you are experiencing an issue in the library please let us know. Take a look at the FAQs below as you may find the answer there.

Please fill out the suggestion form regardless of whether you find the answer or not. This will help us know about the issues you are experiencing.

Suggestion form

Frequently asked questions


Occasionally the wi-fi in certain areas of the library temporarily drops and this means that devices lose connection to the Internet.

If this happens please wait a few minutes and then try to connect your device to our network again.

If you are unsuccessful then please visit the IT help desk on the second floor of the library.

You can also report any connectivity problems direct to the University's ICT Service Desk by completing the online form which can be found on the IT and Media portal pages.




The air conditioning units and radiators are thermostatically controlled and should respond to fluctuations in temperature because they are automatically set to remain at comfortable levels.

However, sometimes the ambient temperature may feels too hot/cold and the thermostat needs to be adjusted manually.

If you feel too hot/cold please could you inform a member of staff who will check the thermometor in the library and liaise with Estates to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

Please remember that you can get cold drinking water from the first floor should you wish.



The library is organised into areas which cater for different styles of learning allowing for the need to talk or be silent as appropriate. Details of these areas are outlined on the where to study section of the library portal.

If you are disturbed by noise from other students please let us know as soon as possible so that we can rectify the situation and ensure noise is reduced or silence maintained as appropriate for that area.

You can either visit the help desk on the ground floor or use online chat to make us aware of any problem.



Sorry. We’ve been aware for some time that accessing MyiLibrary (MiL) ebooks off campus has been a major headache. However, it wasn’t a problem we could resolve quickly.

We’ve been working with Coutts/Proquest for the past couple of months to improve things. Now when you’re off campus and click on an MiL link in our catalogue, you’ll be taken directly to a log in page. Just enter your University ID and password and you’ll get access to the ebook straight away.

We hope you’ll find it a major improvement. MiL provide loads of great content and we think their platform is good. But please let us know what you think now that we’ve made these changes.



The library is cleaned on a regular basis at least twice a day with an additional daily clean during 24/7 period. We encourage all students to use the recycling bins provided however, if litter is reported and / or the library is unclean we will contact the cleaning team who will tidy things up as soon as possible.


The toilets are cleaned at least twice a day with an additional clean during the 24/7 period.

We encourage all students to try and help maintain the cleanliness of the toilets for other users benefits as well as their own.

However, if you notice that the toilets are untidy or if there is an issue with the actual toilets or facilities please contact a member of staff in the library who will contact the cleaning team/estates who will sort the issue as soon as possible.


We appreciate that during busy periods the computers do get taken up fairly quickly.

If you come into the library to use a computer and there aren’t any free there are a few things you can try:

  • You could loan a laptop from the self-service laptop lockers.
  • You could check one of the several areas which have computers; 0B, 0C, Law library, 1A and 2A,
  • You could also go to the Andrews LRC in the main building or the Matthews LRC across the park.

This service was taken over by Canon. The idea behind it was that the Canon print centre would have everything all in one place and they could print and bind all in one go. The print centre online storefront is easy to use and means you can even order your large format printing/binding from home and collect it when it’s convenient for you. 


The University has worked over the last few years to help promote innovative food choices that have health and wellbeing at the core for both students and staff.

If you prefer different types of snacks there are several places around the University that you can go to find alternative snacks.

UPDATE: an ‘indulgent’ range has been included in the vending machines which consists of cakes such as Honeycomb Crunch, Milk Chocolate Caramel Shortcake & Dark Chocolate Brownies. 


Over recent years we have increased the number of networked computers in the library and we are always looking to locate them in the most suitable areas.

There are eight networked computers in the quiet area on the first floor of the library which have the standard software package. In order to maintain an environment conducive to quiet work we have no immediate plans to increase them in this particular area.

Please note that we have 60 laptops available for use which can be taken to any area of the library.

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