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Tansy Jessop

Tansy is Professor of Research Informed Teaching and Head of the Academic Development team in SLTI. Professor Tansy JessopShe is a Visiting Professor at the University of Bristol. Tansy leads TESTA (Transforming the Experience of Students through Assessment), a widely used research and change process which helps programme teams to design assessment and feedback to foster student learning. Tansy worked with staff and students to devise Solent’s Real World Curriculum Framework and she is co-leading the redesign of all undergraduate courses at Solent. She publishes on assessment and feedback, research informed teaching, student engagement and narrative methods. Tansy has given more than 30 keynote presentations, and has been a consultant to some 20 UK, Australian and Irish universities. Tansy is a National Teaching Fellow.

Tansy started her career as a secondary school teacher in South Africa, completing a PhD on teacher development in rural KwaZulu-Natal. She maintains an interest in representation, narrative methodology and the pursuit of social justice following her PhD research. She has worked as a consultant for the HEA, UK universities, the British Council, the Department for International Development, and the Mandela Foundation. 


Book chapters

Jessop, T. and Hughes, G. 2018 Beyond winners and losers in assessment and feedback. Chapter 5 (pp 64-84) In Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Perspectives from UCL. London. UCL IOE Press.

Jessop, T 2017, Inspiring Transformation through TESTA’s Programme Approach Springer. Sydney. In D Carless et al. (Eds), Scaling up Assessment for Learning in Higher Education. vol. 5, The Enabling Power of Assessment, Springer Singapore, Singapore, pp. 49-64.

Jessop, T. and Penny, A. (2008) A story behind a story: Developing Strategies for making sense of teacher narratives. In Harrison, B. (Ed.) Life Story Research. London. SAGE. 213-230 (Volume IV).

Journal articles

Jessop, T., Saunders, C. and Pontin, C. 2018 (accepted). The challenges of academic development   as a first graduate job: ‘Am I doing it right?’ International Journal for Academic Development.

Batten, J., Jessop, T. & Birch, P. 2018 (accepted). Doing what it says on the tin? A psychometric evaluation of the Assessment Experience Questionnaire. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education.

Tomas, C. and Jessop, T. 2018 in press, 'Struggling and juggling: a comparative analysis of assessment loads across different universities'. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education.

Joseph-Richard, P, Jessop, T, Almpanis, T, Okafor, G & Price, D. 2018 in press. 'Big brother or harbinger of best practice: can lecture capture actually improve teaching?' British Educational Research Journal.

Wu, Q & Jessop, T. 2018, 'Formative assessment: missing in action in both research-intensive and teaching focused universities?' Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. Published 15 January 2018.

Jessop, T & Tomas, C. 2017, 'The Implications of programme assessment patterns for student learning.' Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. 42(6). 990-999.

Jessop, T. 2016. Seven years and still no itch – why TESTA keeps going. Educational Developments, 17(3) 5-8. SEDA.

Barlow, A. and Jessop, T.  2016. “You can’t write a load of rubbish”: Why blogging works as formative assessment. Educational Development. 17(3), 12-15. SEDA.

Jessop, T. and Maleckar, B. 2016. The influence of disciplinary assessment patterns on student learning: a comparative study. Studies in Higher Education. 41(4) 696-711.

Ghazal, L., Gul, R., Hanzala, M., Jessop, T. and Tharani, A. 2014. Graduate Students' Perceptions of Written Feedback at a Private University in Pakistan. International Journal of Higher Education. 3:2.

Jessop, T., El Hakim, Y., and Gibbs, G. 2014. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: a large-scale study of students’ learning in response to different programme assessment patterns. Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. 39(1). 73-88.

Jessop, T., El Hakim, Y. and Gibbs, G. TESTA 2014: A way of thinking about assessment and feedback. Educational Developments14:3.

Jessop, T., Gubby, L. and Smith, A. 2012. Space frontiers for new pedagogies: a tale of constraints and possibilities. Studies in Higher Education. 37(2) 189-202.

Jessop, T. and Williams, A. 2009. Equivocal Tales about racism, culture and identity. Teaching in Higher Education. 14(1) 93-104.

Jessop,  T.  2001.  Key ingredients in the search for social justice: A case study of 'best practice' in a Calcutta school. Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice, 5 (1). 100-115.

Jessop,  T.  and Penny,  A.  1999.  A story behind a story: Developing strategies for making sense of teacher narratives. International Journal of Social Research Methodology 2 (3). 213-230.

Jessop,  T.  and Penny,  A.  1998.  Recovering Teacher Voice and Vision in the Narratives of South African and Gambian Teachers: Implications for Teacher Development Policy and Practice. International Journal of Education Development, 18. (5). 393-403.

Jessop, T.  1994. A Case Study of the writing of a Zulu-Speaking Primary School pupil. Journal of Education. 19(4). 53-64.

Research interests

Narrative and case study research; social inclusion; assessment and feedback; curriculum theory; education in developing countries.

Funding awards

  • 314k Hefce Catalyst Fund REACT Bid (Realising Engagement through Active Culture Transformation) on Student Engagement 2015-17.
  • 20k British Council Knowledge Economy Partnership with two Indian universities to work on assessment and feedback together, based on TESTA. 2013-14
  • 190k JISC funded FASTECH project.
  • 200k HEA funded TESTA project.

Professional membership and consultancy

  • National Teaching Fellow (2016)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
  • Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham
  • Previous consultancy roles at UCL, Birmingham; University of New South Wales, Sydney; Loughborough; Roehampton; Strathclyde; Sheffield Hallam University; Edinburgh, University of Liverpool.

Journal reviewing

  • Associate Editor: International Journal for Academic Development (IJAD)
  • Editorial Board of the journal Active Learning in Higher Education.
  • Reviewer for Studies in Higher Education;
  • Reviewer for Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education.

Subject expertise

Education; social research methods; teacher development; assessment and feedback; research informed teaching; curriculum theory.

Supervision of research students

​Sabine Bohnacker Bruce (2009 - 2016 ) Church of England minister’s beliefs about other religions: A constructivist grounded theory approach. PhD.

Jo Batey (2012 - 2018) Expectancies, Marking and Feedback in Undergraduate Student Assessment. PhD

Jane Peacock (2013 - ) Gypsy social identity in a settled community: narratives of inclusion and exclusion. EdD.

Jan Parker (2014 - ) Who wants to be a socialworker? An investigation into resilience among trainee social workers

Dumisani Ndlovu (2011 - ) Using the constructs of children’s learning to improve the delivery of physical education: A case study within secondary education.

External Examining

Tansy has externally examined five PhDs. She is the external examiner for the PGCLTHE at University College Dublin, Ireland and the University of Surrey.

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