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Eduroam wireless network

eduroam logoeduroam is a secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.

eduroam allows students and staff from participating institutions to securely connect to the Internet for free on their personal laptops or mobile devices, not only on their own campus but also when visiting other participating institutions providing a 'Visited' service. 

eduroam provides two service types that each institution can support; Home and Visited:

  • The Home service means that you can authenticate and gain network access at your home organisation, and at other eduroam enabled organisations that have implemented the Visited service
  • The Visited service allows visitors from organisations that have implemented a Home service to authenticate and gain network access.

Southampton Solent University is providing both a Home and Visited service on a trial basis.

What does this mean for Solent students/staff/guests?

Solent students and staff will be able to access the Internet for free on their personal laptops and mobile devices on campus and from any other eduroam-participating institution in the UK and abroad providing a Visited service. When using eduroam you will only have access to University resources that are normally available via the Internet.

University guests (for example, those attending a conference or an open day) can use eduroam if they are from an eduroam-participating institution in the UK and abroad that offers a Home service. Otherwise, accounts will need to be requested for Solent's standard wifi network, SolentNet.

How do I get started with eduroam?

Manual connection instructions can be accessed from the links at the bottom of this page or to access eduroam for the first time you can use the Solent Guest  service.

If you are accessing eduroam from another institution which offers a Visited service:

  • Select the eduroam wireless connection. The wireless SSID in all locations will be eduroam (with a lowercase 'e').
  • Enter your general Solent email address and password ("" for staff or "" for students).

Are there any conditions of use?

Please note that eduroam use should be consistent with:

In line with Southampton Solent University’s ICT Usage Policy, ICT performs automated application/content filtering on all access to the Internet from its networks. ICT use third-party categorisation services to block applications and web sites which match the following categories:

  • Anonymizer (used to hide your identity)
  • Botnets (used by malicious software)
  • Child abuse
  • Critical Risk (can be used to bypass security)
  • P2P File Sharing (peer-to-peer file sharing applications)
  • Phishing (web sites used to aid identity theft)
  • Spyware/malicious site (web sites used to host spyware or malicious software).

As with any automated categorisation process, some applications and web sites may be incorrectly matched and blocked. Conversely, it is not guaranteed that all applications and web sites that match the criteria defined above will be blocked.

How can I use eduroam in participating institutions?

Once the initial set-up has been completed you can travel to any location where eduroam is provided and use it for free on your personal laptop or mobile devices.

You won’t need to enter your information again at other locations.

eduroam FAQs and locations

eduroam support

Download manual connection instructions

eduroam Windows 7 connection instructions

eduroam Windows 8 connection instructions

eduroam android connection instructions

eduroam IOS connection instructions

eduroam OSX connection instructions

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