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Laptop support

Hands on LaptopWithin the Andrews and Matthews learning resource centres we offer a number of laptop services including:

  • Connecting to University networks and resources.
  • Virus management and health checks.
  • General advice and help with using your laptop.

These services are available throughout term time, during non-peak periods or by appointment. We cannot however help you with desktop machines, so please do not bring those in!

Southampton Solent University makes no warranties, representations or undertakings for any work done or services provided to student-owned mobile computing devices: all work done is on the basis of best endeavours. You will need to complete a declaration before staff can take a look at your machine.

Please note: we do not carry out hardware repairs and staff cannot carry out any procedures that involve opening up your laptop.

We have created a laptop and mobile devices factsheet which you may find useful:

Free software for download

We cannot recommend software but below are some links to some free software which you may find useful.

Antivirus software

Firstly you must make sure that you have an antivirus application installed. There are many applications available, but one you can use is a free antivirus service for personal use called AVG. Once you have installed AVG you must ensure that you update the application regularly.

Firewall software

Another essential piece of software that you must ensure you have installed on you laptop is a firewall. This will prevent access to and from your machine from malicious attacks and intrusions. There are many applications available but you can use is Zone Alarm. This is free for personal use.

Anti-spyware software

Whilst you surf and access the internet you are vulnerable to infection by spyware. This can range from a fairly harmless tracking of your activities to more malicious and invasive infection of your system. A free application available is AdAware Free.


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