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MyPC Software on Library Computers

New software called MyPC is being gradually installed on all the computers - Macs and PCs - in the library. This is the software that says "You may use this computer for up to 600 minutes" on a free computer. It is being introduced to make it easier for all students to find a computer to work on during busy periods. It is not intended to arbitrarily limit the time you spend on the computers.

This software will have two big benefits: 

  • Availability. You can check the availability of computers to see how many computers are free to use in each area of the library. 
  • Booking. In the future you will be able to make advance bookings for some areas.

It is intended that computers in some areas will be bookable, while other areas will be for walk-up use only.

In walk-up only areas advanced bookings are not allowed, and you should be able to use the computers as much as you did before the introduction of MyPC. At present, all areas of the library are walk-up only.

In the future there will be some bookable areas, where it is possible to book a computer in advance. But you do not need to book in advance to use these areas: you can simply log on to a free computer and use it for as long as it is available.

How long can I use the computers for?

Before you log on to a computer, you will see a message on the screen which says how long it is available for. This is the minimum length of time you will be able to use it, and sometimes you will be able to extend your session. The normal minimum session length for walk-up only areas is ten hours.

When can I extend my session?

In walk-up only areas you should always be able to extend your session, except when the library is about to close. However, a problem has been reported which sometimes prevents sessions being extended past midnight. If this affects you, you should save your work, then log back in to this or another computer after midnight.

In the future some areas will be made bookable. In bookable areas you will not be able to extend your session if your computer has been booked by another user.

Will I be logged off automatically when my session ends?


How do I know that my session is about to end?

There is a display on the computers showing how much time remains. You will also receive three notifications at 20, 10, and 5 minutes before the end. However, we have received some reports of sessions ending unexpectedly, so always save your work regularly, and let us know if this happens to you.

Do I need to save my work before the end of my session?

Yes. And you should always save your work regularly anyway as a precaution against the computer crashing, power failure etc.

Who can I contact for help?

The first point of contact should be the learning technology helpdesk on the second floor of the library, or

Page last updated on Friday 1 December 2017 at 1.07pm.


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