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Rules and regulations

The purpose of the learning resource centre (LRC) and library rules and regulations is to ensure a pleasant study environment is provided for everyone to benefit from. If you have any queries please speak to staff in any of the centres as they will be pleased to help you.

These regulations are also governed, in the case of network and computer facilities, by JANET (Joint Academic Network) Regulations. These regulations apply to all UK HE institutions.

Full library and learning resource centre rules and regulations

Suspected theft - what to do

Although thefts are relatively rare they do sometimes happen. So please ensure you never leave valuable items unattended or you do risk them being stolen.

If you believe you have had an item stolen, please report it to LRC or library staff at once and complete an incident form. You are also advised to report it to the police and ask them to give you a police incident report number. This is important for insurance purposes as you will need this number to make a claim.

The LRCs have CCTV coverage, though we cannot guarantee it will always be operational. Images are stored for a maximum of 30 days. Staff can give general advice on whether the area where you were located is likely to have been covered by our cameras but they will not be able to show you any CCTV footage.

Due to data protection regulations we cannot review any footage until we get a formal request to do so from the police. If police ask about CCTV evidence they will need to make the request for access by contacting the information and compliance officer on 023 8201 3229 or by email to

Guidelines governing the use of CCTV in the library and the LRCs

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