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Student filming guidelines

These guidelines have been developed to document the University procedures relating to student filming on and off campus. 

Filming locations

TV and film studios are centrally booked for teaching related courses. However, once students have completed an induction they are free to book time in the studios outside teaching times. These bookings are handled through the media production stores (JM008).

All other classrooms, lecture theatres, meeting rooms and the Andrews concourse must be booked through academic rooming. 

If you require an alternative location on site, you must contact the estates helpdesk. Filming is not permitted in plant rooms and any filming on roofs must be approved in advance by Estates and Facilities and supervised by a member of Solent University staff.

If you do not book filming space following these guidelines, you will not be permitted to film and will be asked to stop filming.

Offsite filming must be booked as appropriate. If you are unsure as to your rights and legal responsibilities when it comes to video and public filming, seek out permission from the local authority. If you have been granted permission, always respect members of the public who do not wish to be filmed.

Health and safety

Students are required to discuss their plans with the appropriate lecturers and technical instructors and return a completed risk assessment form to the stores in advance of the booking. Students using their own equipment will still be required to complete a risk assessment.

The use of weapons/props in public places MUST be discussed and properly risk assessed with the appropriate lecturer/member of staff, BEFORE filming takes place. 


University owned equipment is insured for student use when loaned through the formal booking procedures.  Items are only insured for theft when they are kept secure and not left unattended. 

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that any items are locked away when not in use. Equipment taken off campus and transported by vehicle should be kept out of sight and locked in the boot where practical. Where this is not possible, due to the size of equipment for example, then the car should not be left unattended.

Claims for theft are only valid where there is evidence of forcible entry and/or exit; walk in theft is not covered. However, if they feel threatened then students should not put themselves in danger in order protect equipment. All losses should be notified to the insurance office in Estates and Facilities as soon as possible. 

In the event of a theft, the police should be informed immediately and a crime reference number obtained.  It is not possible to make an insurance claim unless the police are notified within 24hrs. Students will also be required to complete an insurance claim form.

It is expected that students will show a high level of responsibility for the use, storage and security of equipment when under their care. The University will seek the replacement cost of equipment in the event of damage through unprofessional behaviour, or through exposure to corrosive elements such as salt water and sand.

Students should be aware that certain locations carry potential risks to equipment and themselves (eg shooting in pubs/clubs/beer areas, or during inclement weather).

These risks should be assessed and addressed BEFORE the decision to shoot is made.

Page last updated on Friday 4 March 2016 at 9.36am.


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