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Listed below are solutions to various problems you may encounter while working with equipment provided in classrooms and lecture theatres by Classroom Technology Support.

If you require direct assistance with technical issues please telephone the ICT Service Desk: 023 8201 2345/ Ext: 2345


Problem Solution
No image on Monitor and Projector
PC may need turning on.
No image on Monitor
Monitor may be switched off, or either the power or PC cable have been unplugged at the rear.
Image on projector shows a Windows background, but is not a duplicate of what can be seen on the Monitor

PC display has reset to Extend Display rather than Dual Screen Mode.
Right click mouse on Desktop, select 'Screen Resolution', and choose 'Dual display' from the 'Multiple Displays' options.

No Sound
Click on the Sound icon at the bottom right hand screen, and check to see if sound has either been muted or lowered to 0, then un-mute or increase volume accordingly.
If neither of the above has resolved the problem, then check the Amplifier in the Media Cabinet (maybe turned off or volume dial turned down), or adjust the Volume Control on the Touchscreen Panel if available.


More about Data/Video Projectors

Problem Solution
No image on the Projector Use the Control panel to turn off the system, then re-start.  If Projector still has not powered up, then contact Classroom Technology Support.

DVD / Video Player

Problem Solution
Projector is on, but the video is not displayed.
Please select the DVD or Video button on the Control panel.
DVD Disk will not play.
Try playing it through the Computer.
No Sound coming through
If there is a Touchscreen panel, use the Volume control to increase the Volume.  Otherwise check the Amplifier in the Media Cabinet and see if the unit is on and the Volume Dial turned up.

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