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DVD / video player

This equipment allows you to play both VHS Video and DVD.

Installed in all our classrooms, the DVD player accepts Region 2 discs, and can play back most recordable DVDs as well. This equipment can also be used to play audio CDs.

DVD and video player

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Classroom and mobile TV units

The diagrams below show the main functions of two of the DVD/Video players that can be found installed in most classrooms.

DVD Player

DVD Player

1. Power on/off
2. Play DVD/Video
3. Pause playback
4. Stop playback
5. Fast rewind
6. Fast forward
7. Eject DVD
8. Select DVD for playback
9. Select Video for playback
10. Eject Video


DVD will not play

  • Machine is set to VHS Video playback. Press for DVD (Button 8).
  • Disc is not region 2, and could be region 1. Consult Media Resources for playback of Region 1 discs.
  • DVD is a recordable DVD. Although our DVD players play most recordable DVDs, some do cause problems in playback.

Video will not play

  • Machine is set to DVD playback. Press for Video (Button 9)
  • Video may be damaged. Call Media Resources (Ext 3310) for technical support.

No sound output

  • Sound is output through an amplifier placed below the DVD/Video player in the media cabinet. Ensure this is switched, and that the volume control is turned up. 

Lecture Theatres

DVD only players are installed in Lecture Theatres. As with the DVD/Video players, these units play Region 2 discs, along with most recordable media, and CDs.

DVD Player
1. Power on/off
2. Eject DVD
3. Play DVD
4. Pause playback
5. Stop playback
6. Fast rewind
7. Fast forward

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