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Data / video projectors

Data projectors connect to either a computer or video source, and project the image onto a screen. They are an excellent teaching resource - especially where larger groups are concerned.

Data projector

All of the lecture theatres and classrooms have data projectors permanently installed in them but customers need to be aware that this equipment still needs to be booked through Media Resources.

Connecting to a laptop

  1. Make sure that the projector is turned on
  2. Turn the computer on after the projector
  3. Ensure that the cable between the projector and laptop is connected correctly
  4. You may need to press the 'function' button (Fn) and appropriate 'function' key (usually either F4, F5or F7 depending on the manufacturer) on the laptop to display the image. Toggle until you get an image on both the laptop and the screen.

Note: Although the function key required may vary, the symbols on the key should look similar to those on the image below.  

Connecting laptop to data projector


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