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Criminal background checks (DBS)

You will need to get a Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) check if you will be working unsupervised, or for a substantial amount of time with children under 18 or with vulnerable adults. If volunteering with these groups will be part of your course, your course team should tell you about the DBS check. This is often by emailing you a letter with the details you will need to register.

Some placements require an official background check.

Contact your course leader if you believe that you need a DBS check. If you are planning to volunteer elsewhere, then you should ask the organisation that you will be volunteering for whether you actually need a DBS check.  If you do, they may be able to organise one for you. It is much easier for you to have a DBS check done by a school or organisation that you are working for as they know what you will be doing and why you need the check.

If you have been told you need a DBS check, but the course, school or organisation cannot organise the check for you, you should drop into the Solent Futures centre (RM001). 

If you have received a letter or email from your course, or from another part of the University which encloses an 'organisational pin', a 'secret word' and an 'applicant position' then you must go onto the DBS system that the University uses. Once you have registered you can log onto the website and enter the required information.

Post Office verification

Once you have entered the appropriate details, you will be instructed by the website to print out a DBS form entitled “ID Verification Service”. You will need to take this print out to your Post Office.

If you are based in Southampton, then this will be the Post Office that is on the first floor of WH Smith in Above Bar.  If you are elsewhere in the UK, then you can check the list of authorised post offices listed on the website for the Online Disclosures service. 

Identification needed

You must bring to the Post Office the specific forms of identification that you have quoted on the form. If you take different ID, then the PO will not be able to process your application. The fee for this verification is currently £7 and is non-refundable. The University will cover the administration cost of the DBS check and the cost for the check itself, which amounts to around £45.

A copy of your DBS check will be sent to the address that you have stated on the online system, around four to six weeks later. The university will be able to see if your check has come back “clean” or with “statements” but will not be able to see the detail. If there is a statement on it, you will need to discuss this with your tutor in order to continue with the activity that you wish to do. 

Please note: if the DBS check is returned with something on your statement that you haven’t previously declared we are likely to be less able to place you.

Criminal record disclosure to employers

If you are concerned about how to disclose a criminal record to potential employers, our Equality and employment Portal page offers suggestions and advice.

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