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Using Facebook to get a job

FacebookSocial media is used by both employers and jobseekers as a tool to fill and find vacancies.

Facebook is just one social media tool to use, but it can be very effective.

Be careful about what is on your Facebook page and who can see it.

Top tips

Make sure that you select your profile and cover photo carefully

Unless you change your privacy setting then a profile picture will be the first thing an employer will see.

Become a job hunter

Update your profile and network to say that you are currently job searching - use Facebook statuses or even personal messages. Networking can help as 'word of mouth' is one of the best ways to seek opportunities.

Enhance your profile

Make sure that your profile is up to date and use the 'about me' (information) sections to your advantage. Update your job history and add links to your professional work. Keep photos within Facebook that may be seen as unprofessional to 'friends only'.

Follow companies

'Linking' pages on Facebook can help with your job search. By adding them into your news feed, you will be updated with the latest news and job openings of your preferred companies to work with. 

Being part of a company’s Facebook page will offer an insight to their trends and what is happening within the industry, and you will get an idea of the company’s culture.

Utilise your privacy setting

It is sometimes hard to stay current with the best way to stay protected. This may be why people ignore their privacy setting; however there are a few pointers to follow: 

  • Do not be unsearchable; just limit the content. You want employers can find you, but only to see your professional side. 
  • Make sure you select 'friends only' for information you do not wish to be public.

Create a page

If all of this seems too much to do or you do not want to make your profile public, create a page that you can use as a professional outlet. With  'create a page' you will be able to display any information you would like a potential employer to see such as your biography, skills, and websites.

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