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Travel insurance

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Who is covered?                                              

Flying birdComprehensive travel insurance is in place for all business travel undertaken on behalf of the University. This also includes group travel booked on behalf of students and undertaken directly as part of their studies.

The insurance is in place for trips of up to six months in duration unless notified in advance to the insurance office at

Student travel and placements

Student travel should be organised and booked by the school/service as a group booking and not individually by the students. In addition, the relevant offsite activity forms must be completed and approved in advance; this is prior to any bookings being made or purchase orders being raised.

For overseas placements the University’s travel insurance will provide travel and medical cover for students on placements of up to one year; though placements of over six months must be notified in advance to the insurance office. Students on placements in excess of one year should purchase their own independent cover.

Where can I travel?                             

World at nightInsurance cover is in place for worldwide travel, with the exception of some countries which require prior approval from our insurers. For more information, please refer to the Sanctions and travel restrictions page.

Our travel policy automatically covers all travel for trips of up to six months. Trips in excess of this should be notified to the insurance office or will not be covered. In addition, trips to countries with areas of unrest should be referred to the insurance office before booking.

When arranging any travel, staff should consult the Foreign Office website and the appropriate Travel App before booking, and their advice should be followed. The University's travel insurance does not operate where travel is undertaken against Foreign Office advice.

Insurers will not normally permit travel in these circumstances as it is not possible to guarantee that you can be evacuated in the event of an emergency. Your safety is our greatest concern. If a trip is planned to a country where the Foreign Office has raised concerns, but not advised against travel, then a written risk assessment should be carried out and travel approved by your director of school/service.

The risk assessment should include analysis of the following information:

  • Reason for the trip.
  • The financial and/or academic value to the University.
  • Potential danger level and type of risk involved.
  • Foreign Office and The Travel Oracle App recommendations.
  • Whether the trip could be rescheduled at a later date.

Ultimately, if our insurers consider that the risk of travel is too high for your safety to be guaranteed then travel insurance may not be available; under these circumstances the trip will not take place. The safety and well-being of staff and students is the University's highest consideration and staff and students will not knowingly be put in potential danger. 

Booking ahead

When planning trips, staff should make bookings and reservations as late as possible whilst obviously being mindful of the need to reserve tickets. This is in order to take account of the possibility of changing advice by the Foreign Office and the relevant Travel App

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