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Roles and responsibilities

Directors of schools/services

Directors of schools and directors of services have responsibility for ensuring:

  • an up-to-date hazard register for the school/service is maintained 
  • those responsible for conducting risk assessments are clearly identified 
  • the local arrangements for conducting risk assessments are defined, and those responsible for conducting risk assessments re informed about them 
  • those involved in risk assessment activities have had sufficient training 
  • adequate resources are made available to implement measures to control risks, and there is an effective method of storing and retrieving risk assessment records.

Conducting risk assessments

Those responsible for conducting risk assessments are responsible for:

  • attending training or completing on-line training on how to carry out risk assessment
  • conducting risk assessments within their designated area of responsibility 
  • ensuring all necessary documentation is produced
  • informing those affected by the risk assessment about its outcome and the control measures that they need to adopt Responsible lady
  • ensuring that training needs associated with the risk assessment are identified and ensuring that appropriate training is given
  • checking that the risk assessment remains valid, including conducting a formal review annually, and monitoring that people are working in accordance with the outcome of the risk assessment.

Health and safety office

The health and safety office is responsible for:

  • providing generic risk assessments for general office work and the use of teaching rooms for giving lectures/holding tutorials
  • maintaining an up-to-date University-level register of hazards, based on those that are produced by Schools and Services
  • providing advice on the risk assessment process and on methods of risk reduction, and training those responsible for carrying out risk assessment.


Everyone is responsible for:

  • working in accordance with the findings of risk assessments, e.g. using the appropriate control measures
  • attending training identified as part of the risk controls and the prompt reporting of deficiencies in risk controls, including those arising from changes in working conditions, staffing levels and change in equipment condition.

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