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Roles and responsibilities

What are you responsible for?

Directors of schools and directors of services

  • Making sure a member of staff is nominated to lead the inspection process
  • Inspection teams are appointed and that their team members are suitably trained
  • A programme of inspections is established
  • Inspections are conducted with required frequency, and where the need for corrective actions are identified, that the actions are tracked through to completion. 

The director should participate in at least one health and safety inspection per year.

Line managers and supervisors

  • Monitoring the day-to-day performance of health and safety within your department
  • Participating in inspections as defined by local programmes, and ensuring that any issues identified are dealt with in a timely manner.

Member of staff nominated to lead the inspection process

  • Establishing the inspection timetable
  • Producing the checklist
  • Participating in inspections
  • Producing inspection reports
  • Following up the results of inspections to track that required remedial actions have been taken, and reporting the outcome of inspections to the director.

Members of inspection teams are responsible for attending appropriate training.

Health and safety inspections of centrally bookable teaching rooms are the joint responsibility of the facilities team and ICT. In order to prevent duplication, it is recommended that health and safety inspections of these areas are combined with routine ‘furniture and fittings’ inspections.

The health and safety officeinspectionman

  • Assisting the development of checklists
  • Advising on the membership of teams
  • Participating in inspections as requested (and where office resources allow)
  • Training members of inspection teams, and providing clarification and interpretation on certain issues, e.g. where the inspection team is unsure of a health and safety issue, and where advice is required about appropriate remedial action.

The health and safety office is also responsible for carrying out independent health and safety audits. A programme of these will be introduced following the full implementation of the revised health and safety management system.

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