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Accidents and near misses

Whenever there’s an accident or ‘near miss’, valuable lessons can be learnt and steps taken to prevent a recurrence, thereby making the workplace safer. It is therefore important to encourage open and transparent reporting, particularly of ‘near misses’.

The aim of the University is to generate a ‘no blame’ culture so that people feel they can openly report on things that have ‘gone wrong’. laptop

All accidents and near misses must be:

  • Recorded
  • Reported
  • Investigated appropriately.

Accidents and near misses provide valuable information for the directors about health and safety issues in their schools/services.

Directors therefore need to be made aware of accidents/near misses that happen in their schools/services and ensure that appropriate remedial actions are taken.

A near miss is an unplanned event that could have resulted in personal injury or property damage, but fortunately did not.

Health and safety documentation

 Procedure for accidents and near misses


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