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City campus buildings

East Park TerraceFinding your way around the building

Each room has a unique number. The letter(s) identify the building, the first figure identifies the floor and the following figures number the room, as follows: 

Michael Andrews A
Herbert Collins HC
Reginald Mitchell RM
Mountbatten Library ML
John Millais JM
Sports Hall SH
Sir James Matthews SM
The Dock Restaurant RF
Christopher Cockerell     


HC020 is located on the ground floor of the Herbert Collins building.

JM415 is located on the fourth floor of the John Millais building.

RMB5 is located in the basement of the Reginald Mitchell building.

The Sir James Matthews building is a little different, in that it has additional letters to identify the basement and mezzanine floors (X,Y,Z with X being the lower).

SMB18 in the basement.

SM101 normal first floor level.

SMX20 X mezzanine.

About the city campus

At the city campus the academic estate comprises of some 52,000m² of space which includes 9,000m² in the Sir James Matthews Building just five minutes walk across East Park on Above Bar street.

The original buildings date from the 1960's and 1970's with the most recent from the late 1990's.

In addition, the Hardmoor Pavilion (400m² and Sports Fields (ten hectares) lie three miles from the Campus north of the M27 (Map).

The residential estate comprises of 2,340 bed spaces in seven Student Residences, all built in the 1990's. One of these, Lucia Foster Welch, is operated on behalf of the University by Viridian Housing.

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