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Charges for damages

poundsignHow to avoid room charges when you leave

Just follow these simple tips to ensure you don't get charged when you leave the residences.

How to avoid charges

Common damage charges

Save £13.42 per room or en-suite

Leave your bedroom and kitchen clean and tidy:

  • Remove any rubbish to the skips in the car park.
  • Vacuum the floors.
  • Clean the en-suite.

Save £5 per item, £3.50 per new bin

Return any moved furniture to its original room and position in the bedroom, kitchen and common room.

Save £10 per wall

Remove any blue tac marks from walls.

Save £10 per window

Hang original curtains/net.

Save £30 room key, £8.33 room fob, £8.33 car park swipe, £8.33 post key

Return and sign back in keys to the office, including car park swipes.

Save £££s

Other repairs and labour:

  • Repaint - £20 per wall
  • Window handle - £25
  • Furniture replacement - £ by invoice
  • Furniture removal - £5 per item
  • Replace curtains - £45
  • Bed frame - £165
  • Headboard - £45
  • Mattress - £68
  • Broken lampshade - £14
  • Broken light fitting - £37
  • Replacement hooks - £10
  • En-suite door replacement - £126
  • In-house labour - £23 per hour.

You should basically return your room in the same state as you received it.

Terms of residency 

Please note: All prices listed are subjected to VAT. The prices displayed are intended as a guide. Prices may differ slightly from those charged. 

Page last updated on Wednesday 3 July 2019 at 2.21pm.


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