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Understanding your attendance calendar

How is my attendance percentage calculated?

Every time you swipe into your scheduled timetabled teaching session (day, time and location) the system registers your attendance against your individual timetable.

Any non-attendance of a teaching session will result in an unexplained absence being recorded. Therefore if you have six teaching sessions in a week and only attend three of those sessions, you will have an attendance percentage of 50% for that specific week.

Any reported planned absences notified through the attendance app, will mark you as having an ‘explained absence’ but will not increase your attendance percentage.

Your attendance will not be calculated on teaching events that have not taken place or sessions that have been cancelled. On your student profile, the ‘attendance average for date range’ calculates your attendance percentage for the date range for which you have specified. The ‘student year to date range’ is your overall attendance from the start of teaching to the present date for which you are viewing your attendance profile. Additionally students can see their individual attendance percentage by unit and the overall unit percentage.

The data on my attendance calendar is incorrect

There is further guidance regarding this on the portal located on the amending attendance page.

Students are advised to contact the Student Hub in the first instance, and explain exactly what the issue is.

There can be a number of reasons, such as:

  • The room has no fixed attendance reader and your teaching session is attendance monitored.
  • You have swiped in a room which is not associated to your individual timetable. 
  • Your campus card or the attendance reader in the room is faulty.
  • Prior or excess modules are present on your individual timetable.

Your calendar explained

Your student calendar will give you a graphical view of your timetabled events by either month, week or day. Events will be colour coded as either attended, absent or late. Any event that is coded as scheduled means the event is in the future.

The left side of the screen provides the same information in a list format.

You are also able to add an absence on this screen by clicking the ‘add absence’ button and completing the absence details. This will mark you as having an ‘explained absnece’.

A visual breakdown of the elements on your attendance calendar:

Can I see my previous year’s attendance profile?

No. A request may be submitted to

Sick or have an important appointment?

Please let us know if you have been ill or cannot attend your timteabled teaching sessions eg a doctor’s appointment. 

Submitting an absence notification does not change your attendance percentage, but it does help explain your absence.

If I report my absence, will I still be marked as absent?

Yes. An explained absence still counts as an absence due to that fact that you will still be missing valuable teaching sessions regardless of reason. You may still receive notice about poor attendance dependant on the number of sessions missed, because it is important that you are aware of how much learning you are missing.

Can I go on holiday during teaching or assessment periods?

Students must not take holidays during teaching or assessment periods. Missing teaching sessions could have a negative effect on your performance.

Do I need approval to be absent from the University?

The University does not run an approval system for absence. We expect students to approach their studies sensibly and not to miss classes unless it is absolutely unavoidable.

Who do I contact if I have a personal matter that affects my attendance?

If you have a personal matter impacting on your ability to attend class it is very important that you speak to the Hub who will direct your issue to the relevant team. Attendance is continually monitored and you will be contacted if you have a below average level of attendance.

How to submit an absence

The absence notification system is accessible via the student portal, under the attendance application using add absence button on the calendar view. For further assistance please view the submitting an absence visual guide:


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