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Staff FAQs

How do I access the new system?

The attendance software can be accessed from the portal apps or directly at If you are a new user and cannot access the application, please fill out this new user form.

Why do students need to swipe?

Attendance is mandatory and students are expected to log this by swiping into all timetabled events. Students who don’t swipe into events will receive automatic reminders and warnings. If their attendance continues to be poor, it will result in a participation interview with the school’s Student Achievement Officer.

To ensure that students do not receive unwarranted interventions, staff should keep their timetabled events up to date and remind students to swipe at all events. This is particularly important at the start of each semester.

How do I cancel a class?

Details on the cancelled class process

How do I make a late change to an event?

Details on the late change procedure

What do I do when there’s an unplanned room change?

If an event is moved to an alternative room, any swipes at the new location will not be matched against the event and the student will be marked as absent. Any student who swiped at the originally timetabled room will still be marked as attended.

To ensure attendance records are correct, you will need to manually mark students using the attendance app and inform the timetabling and rooming team, based in in RM201, by emailing They will be happy to help with the change after the session has finished.

What happens if a student forgets their campus card?

You will need to manually mark the student’s attendance using the attendance app.

Why should I manually mark attendance?

Accurate attendance information is very important: it is needed to support students effectively and ensure they do not receive unwarranted interventions. Additionally, students may need to provide their attendance record to potential employers. School directors will receive reports of staff who repeatedly fail to manually mark attendance.

How do I manually mark a student’s attendance?

Manually marking attendance is quick and easy. Using the Attendance App, click on the scheduled event on the lectures tab. Select the students you want to amend and mark their attendance. Changes to attendance should ideally be done during the event, or as soon as possible after. Attendance warning notices are issued early on Monday mornings, so manual marking should be completed before then. For more detailed instructions refer to the amending attendance guide.

Which timetabled events are monitored?

If the room has an attendance reader, the event is likely to be monitored. The overwhelming majority of timetabled teaching spaces have readers.

When will students’ swipes at an event be visible?

It takes up to 2 minutes for a student’s swipe to be processed and appear in the attendance app.

What events are visible in the attendance app?

To ensure the best possible data accuracy, timetabled events are not loaded into the attendance app until the night before the event. That means you will only see events that have been scheduled up to today.

How early or late can a student swipe in at an event?

Attendance is marked depending on when the swipe is made relative to the scheduled timetable start:

Attended - 15 mins before to 15 mins after
Late - 15 mins to 30 mins after
Absent - 30 mins after

How do I deal with students’ attendance issues?

If you can’t resolve the issue yourself, please refer the student to the Student Hub

How do I raise a concern about a student’s attendance?

If you can’t resolve the issue yourself, please refer them to the Student Hub Alternatively contact your team leader for advice.

How can I receive training on the new system?

Please view the Attendance training guide:

SEAts training documentation

If you have any questions or require further training please email

Reader isn’t working or recording swipes?

Any issues with attendance readers should be reported to the ICT service desk, by phone on ext. 2345 or email In the meantime, please manually mark the attendance for your class using the attendance app.

How do I get help?

For timetabling issues please contact the timetabling and rooming team (TAR) by email

If a student is having issues with the attendance system, including their campus card not working, please refer them to the Student Hub

If you have any questions, require assistance or advice, please email

Page last updated on Tuesday 20 September 2016 at 3.02pm.


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