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Retaking failed assessments

In-year Referrals (EPT students)

The University’s ‘in-year referrals’ process means some students will be able to re-take failed or deferred assessments before the end of the academic year.

This opportunity is available on failed/deferred assessments and units where the results are released following the mid-year unit assessment boards (the week of 26 February 2018).

Where this is your first attempt at the unit/assessment, your assessment board will give you a ‘refer’ or ‘defer’ result which allows you to resit the failed/deferred assessment.

You will normally have two attempts to pass a failed unit or assessment, and any in-year referral counts as one of your two referral attempts.

I have completed (but not passed) a unit

If you have completed a unit by week 15 and have not passed that unit, then you must submit referral work and/or sit the referral examination (referral examinations take place in the week commencing 09 April 2018).

I have not completed a unit, and have failed an assessment

If you have not yet completed a unit but have an exam board confirmed fail mark (less than 40%) for one or more assessments in the unit, you must take each failed assessment again. Be aware that:

  • When all marks for the unit are available it is possible that you will still pass the unit without re-sitting, if the weighted marks from each assessment element produce an overall pass mark (40%) for the unit.
  • When all marks for the year are available, it may be possible to pass the unit on condonement – this is where the assessment board awards a pass (but not a 40% mark) if you have a minimum of 30% in each assessment element of the unit, and have attempted all elements at the current sitting. This is available for one 20 CAT unit for undergraduate students and one 30 CAT unit for Postgraduate students.

Regardless of these two points, the University wants you to be in the best academic position possible – you are therefore expected to re-take failed elements at the next opportunity where the assessment regulations allow you to do so.

How do non-examination referrals work?

Referral/deferral assessment work for non-examination elements will be available on a dedicated Solent Online Learning (SOL) page called April Referral/Deferral Assessment Briefs 2017/2018.

Where referral/deferral work would involve specialist provision or dedicated space, it may not be possible – you should check this with your unit tutor. 

In-year referral work must be submitted by Wednesday 11 April 2018, there is no provision for ‘late’ submission in the case of referral work unless extenuating circumstances have been submitted and accepted.

Where do I find referral examination timetables?

Examination timetables for referral examinations will be available on your student timetable via the Portal Timetable App  in the week commencing 12 March 2018. If the University has agreed additional needs/learning support, you will be advised personally via email.

Students with ‘defer’ results

If you have made an application for extenuating circumstances, you may receive a defer result from the mid-year assessment boards.

If your assessment board confirms you have a defer result, then you should take this outstanding work during the in-year referral period in April 2018. Deferred assessments are considered to be your first attempt, so you will retain the full mark earned and are eligible to submit within the 5 working days deadline.

Students with ‘trailing’ units

If you are completing failed assessments from a previous academic year, you will work to the same timetable of deadlines as the other students taking the assessments for the first time.

As you are probably attempting any outstanding ‘trailing’ assessment for the final time, you will not be eligible for an in-year referral unless you have not completed all three attempts at the original unit.

Further advice

If you have questions about in-year referrals and whether they apply to you, we recommend you discuss this with your unit tutor.

Alternatively you can drop into the Assessment Team Result Surgeries which will be held in A309 from Monday 26 February -Thursday 01 March 8.30-5.00 and Friday 02 March 8.30-4.30 or contact the Assessments team at or 023 8201 5023.

Page last updated on Tuesday 21 November 2017 at 11.54am.


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