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The five Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity objectives that follow were determined through a period of consultation, with employees, students and trade unions recognised by the University, while the scheme was being developed: 

1. Ensure there are systems in place for collecting, monitoring and reviewing comprehensive and high quality employee and student data (by 2014).

  • Increase frequency of employee equality information reporting to aid management information reports (Sept 2014).
  • Review student data monitoring to ensure that relevant data is captured to enable more in-depth analysis (Sept 2014).
  • Address key findings from the employee and student equality annual reports through the setting of annual Forum priorities. Results will be reported and published annually (annual review).
  • Begin to collect information on sexual orientation , religion and belief and gender reassignment from 2013 (Sept 2013).
  • Pay particular attention to the Government’s highlighted areas of concern as identified for HEFCE and the sector by reference to our annual monitoring reports (annual review).

2. Ensure all employees have access to equality and diversity training. 

  • Promote completion of the online Diversity in the Workplace course to all staff (Ongoing).
  • Ensure all new members of staff complete the online Diversity in the Workplace course (monitored through the employee appraisal scheme) (Sept 2013).
  • Embed equality related training into management training via the Personal and Organisational Development Framework (2013 onwards).
  • Develop equality, diversity and inclusivity training for academic employees through the sharing of best practice in teaching and learning (Ongoing).

3. Complete an equal pay review every two years.

  • Ensure the review is completed by an external consultant to ensure impartiality (2014).
  • Results to be published internally and externally (2014).
  • Actions arising from the review to form part of the employee equality forum priorities (2014/15).

4. Aim to be in the Stonewall top 100 Employers Index (by 2016).

  • Include as an Employee Equality Forum Priority (2012/13).
  • Prepare to enter the Stonewall Employers Index (2013).
  • Enter the Stonewall Employers Index during 2014 (2014).
  • Consult with the student body on improving the University position in 'Gay by Degree' - the Stonewall University guide (2014).

5. Ensure the physical estate is accessible and inclusive for all.

  • To actively consider accessibility and inclusivity into the designs for campus development and major refurbishment projects (Ongoing).

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