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Research and Innovation team

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Tel: 023 8201 3207

Room number: A223
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm

The Research and Innovation team

  • Are the key point of contact for research, innovation and knowledge exchange for the University.
  • Create a supportive environment so that our researchers, scholars and learners can advance understanding and apply new knowledge.
  • Support staff and students to be engaged researchers and innovators carrying out research, innovation and knowledge exchange activities that combine the highest academic quality and impact with significance for the wider society.
  • Work with external partners and stakeholders to develop research, innovation and knowledge exchange activities including: Knowledge Exchange Partnerships (KTPs), Innovation Vouchers, consultancy, collaborative research, contracts, Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) projects.
  • Support research proposals and other bid development, submission and management.
  • Deliver and support the Researcher Development Programme.
  • Manage preparations for the next REF or equivalent exercise.
  • Manage and administer research governance and ethics.
  • Raise awareness of intellectual property matters.
  • Deliver the annual Research and Innovation Conference.
  • Organise and coordinate the Solent Research Challenge.
  • Provide research information management services.
  • Facilitate the achievement of the University’s key strategic aims in the Research and Innovation sub-strategy.

Research and Innovation team

Catherine Lee, Director, Research and Innovation
Tel: 023 8201 6764. Room: A223

Bill Acharjee, Project Support Officer 
Tel: 023 8201 3329. Room: A223

Martin Day, Contracts and Bid Support Manager
Tel: 023 8201 6793. Room: A223

Erin Downey, Research and Innovation Support Officer
Tel: 023 8201 3298. Room: A223

Prof Steven Henderson, Head of Impact and Social Innovation
Tel: 023 8201 3858. Room: RM226

Katie Hornby, Knowledge Exchange and Business Development Manager
Tel: 023 8201 6793. Room: A223

Sue Nash, Research and Innovation Administrator  
Tel: 023 8201 3207. Room: A223

Dr Nic Percivall, Research and Innovation Development Manager
Tel: 023 8201 6496. Room: A223

Alice Webb, Research and Innovation Events and Promotion Co-ordinator
Tel: 023 8201 3063. Room: A223


Research and Innovation Post-Doctoral Researchers 

Dr Bailey Adie
Tel: 023 8201 6969. Room: RM226

Dr Babak Mahdavi Ardestani
Tel: 023 8201 6967. Room: RM226

Dr Toby Bennett
Tel: 023 8201 6987. Room: RM226

Dr Sara Braganca
Tel: 023 8201 6972. Room: RM226

Dr Shelley Duncan
Tel: 023 8201 6974. Room: RM226

Dr Komali Kantaneni
Tel: 023 8201 6970. Room: RM226

Dr Tychonas Michailidis
Tel: 023 8201 6973. Room: RM226

Dr Alex Reynolds
Tel: 023 8201 6975. Room: RM226



Research and Innovation Hub Fellows

Dr Flavia Loscialpo, Creative and Digital Industries Hub
Tel: 023 8201 3370. Room: JM403

Dr Shelley Duncan, Sport, Health and Wellbeing Hub
Tel: 023 8201 6974. Room: RM226

Dr Anthony Gallagher, Associate Professor, Maritime, Technology and Environment Hub
Tel: 023 8201 3748. Room: RM308

Dr Esther Snell, Business and Society Hub
Tel: 023 8201 2045. Room: SMY08

Research and Innovation School Strategic Leads

Jennifer Anyan, School of Art, Design and Fashion
Tel: 023 8201 3791. Room: JM313

Dr Simon Fox, School of Business, Law and Communications
Tel: 023 8201 2059. Room: SMY08

Darren Kerr, School of Media, Arts and Technology
Tel: 023 8201 3814. Room: JM204

Dr Brian Wink, School of Sport, Health and Social Science
Tel: 023 8201 2068. Room: RM124B

Mark Bee, School of Maritime, Technology and Engineering
Tel: 023 8201 4173. Room: CG005

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