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Where to Study

ResearchersThere are over 800 study places in the library. To cater for all the different study needs of our users we have three zoned areas. Please make sure you use the right area and respect the rules that apply.

If you have any concerns about noise levels in the library you can always ask library staff for assistance as we are keen that the rules applying to the different zoned areas are maintained for the benefit of everyone.

Silent zones - red signs

This is the place you should use for individual, private, silent study as talking is not allowed here. Mobile phones should not be used to make or receive calls and they should be on silent (no ring tones).

The main silent zone is found on the ground floor of the library and is in the law library (0A).

The study carrels on 1A are also designated as silent study rooms. Final years, postgraduates and staff can book these individual study rooms. They are available to other students in the evening and weekends.

Please see the study carrel pages for further information on how to make an online booking.

Quiet zones - yellow signs

This zone is primarily for private, individual study use but some quiet talking (whispered conversation) is allowed here but please make sure you do not disturb other users.  Mobile phones should not be used here to make or receive calls (ring tones off please).

The quiet zones are on floors 1A, 1B, 2B and 2C.

Group zones - green signs

This is the zone to use if you want to work together as you can talk here but we still ask that you please keep noise to a reasonable level. Mobiles can be used to make or receive calls but please have your ring tones turned off. The playing of music is not permitted.

Group zones are in areas GA (basement), 0B (foyer), 0C, and 2A.

A bookable group study room (ML02a) is also available to students in the Foyer. This includes computing facilities and the table is cable-enabled to facilitate the use of laptops. Students may book this room for periods between 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday, up to two week in advance. If the room booking is not taken up withing 15 minutes of the booked start time, please note that the booking will be cancelled and the room can be made available to another group.

If you wish to book this facility, please enquire at the Mountbatten Information Point within the Library Foyer.

Library Assistive Technology Centre

The Library Assistive Technology Centre is a quiet room on Floor 2A of the Library where students, who have a blue card, can get access to additional resources and special software packages.

Food and drink in the library

We do allow some food and drink in the library but please note that no hot, greasy or smelly food (e.g. take-aways) should be brought in to the library. Please help keep areas tidy by clearing away any waste in to the bins provided.


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