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Library staff by subject

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Library staff by subject
Accounting Hannah Porter
Advertising  Mary Hudson  
Animation Kathryn Ballard
Annual reports  Neil Andrew
Architecture Kathryn Ballard
Business Hannah Porter
Careers Eirini Maranti
Communications  Mary Hudson  
Computing Kathryn Ballard

Kathryn Ballard

Criminology Hannah Porter
Culture Kathryn Ballard
Design Susan Taylor
Economics Hannah Porter
Education Fiona Cooksley
Engineering Celia Forrester
English Mary Hudson
Events Hannah Porter
Fashion Susan Taylor
Film studies  Kathryn Ballard
Finance Hannah Porter
Fine art Susan Taylor
Graphic design  Susan Taylor
Human resource management  Hannah Porter
Journalism  Mary Hudson  
Languages Hannah Porter
Law Hannah Porter
Leisure and outdoors Kate Stephenson
Literature Mary Hudson
Management Hannah Porter
Marine environmental management Celia Forrester
Marine geography Celia Forrester 
Marine science and oceanography Celia Forrester 
Marine technology  Celia Forrester
Marketing  Mary Hudson  
Mathematics  Kathryn Ballard
Media Kathryn Ballard
Music Kathryn Ballard
Performance and drama Kathryn Ballard
Photography Susan Taylor
Politics Kate Stephenson
Psychology Kate Stephenson
Public relations Mary Hudson  
Science and technology Kathryn Ballard
Shiphandling, navigation and marine safety    Celia Forrester
Shipping and port operations       Celia Forrester
Social work Kate Stephenson
Society  Kate Stephenson
Sport Kate Stephenson
Standards Celia Forrester
Statistics Dan Smith
Taxation Hannah Porter
Television Kathryn Ballard
Tourism  Hannah Porter 
Yacht and boat design Celia Forrester


Library by Service
Audio-visual collection

Neil Andrew / 

Book acquisitions  David Wright
Customer services Graeme Barber / Chris North
Information services Margaret Feetham
Inter-library loans
Loans services Gillian Hatt 
Part-time student services  Gillian Hatt 
SCONUL Access Scheme Gillian Hatt 
Short loan requests
Students with disabilities                        Rebecca Love

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