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Neil Andrew

Learning Resource Assistant - Media

023 8031 9250

Subject Responsibilities

I oversee the day-to-day running of the library's audio-visual collections, especially the DVDs and online digital videos. I am responsible for the general maintenance, acquisition and promotion of this area as well as handling reservations, selecting material from the television for recording plus enquiries relating to the collections as a whole.

Please send all requests for television recordings, conversion from VHS and DVD to digital video (subject to copyright restrictions) and purchases of new material to


I have a keen interest in 'old clocks': I am a member of the Antiquarian Horological Society, a former associate member of the British Horological Institute and I have worked in voluntary capacities for several clockmakers.

I am currently involved in research for a book on the life and work of seven clockmakers who were eminent in the 17th and 18th centuries but about whom very little is known: Simon Des Charmes, Claudius Duchesne, Charles Gretton, Christopher Gould, Eardley Norton, William Scaife and John Wise. My aim is to bring together material from a wide range of sources to tell their stories, with listings and photographs of their work.

Some of my other interests include:

  • Vintage tv and radio series (especially comedy)
  • Horror/science fiction in tv and film (I had an article on 'Quatermass and the pit' and its depiction of racism published in the fanzine DWB)
  • The World Land Speed Record (I was a member of the Mach 1 Club which supported the successful British attempt to set the first supersonic LSR in 1997)
  • The National Trust
  • Wandering around London photographing places used for locations for films and TV programmes.  

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