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Library staff

If you are not sure who is responsible for a particular subject area or service, you can also browse by subject area.

Management team

Ronan O'Beirne: University Librarian and Head of Learning Services
Room: ML106. Ext: 3342. Tel: 023 8201 3342


Graeme Barber: Deputy University Librarian (Customer Services and Operations)
Room: ML110. Ext: 3867. Tel: 023 8201 3867


Margaret Feetham: Deputy University Librarian (Information Services and Systems)
Room: ML110. Ext: 3220. Tel: 023 8201 3220

Information services team

Information librarians

Kathryn Ballard: Information Librarian - School of Media Arts and Technology
Room: ML102 Ext: 3779. Tel: 023 8201 3779


Fiona Cooksley: Senior Information Librarian
Room: ML013 Ext: 3486. Tel: 023 8201 3486


Celia Forrester: Information Librarian - School of Maritime Science and Engineering 
Room: ML107 Ext: 3684. Tel: 023 8201 3684


Mary Hudson: Information Librarian - School of Business, Law and Communications
Room: ML107 Ext: 3685. Tel: 023 8201 3685


Hannah Porter: Information Librarian - School of Business, Law and Communications
Room: ML102 Ext: 3687. Tel: 023 8201 3687


Kate Stephenson: Information Librarian - School of Sport, Health and Social Sciences
Room: ML102 Ext: 3986. Tel: 023 8201 3986


Susan Taylor:  Information Librarian - School of Art, Design and Fashion 
Room: ML107 Ext: 3406. Tel: 023 8201 3406

Learning resources assistants

Neil Andrew: Learning Resource Assistant (A/V)
Room: ML205 Ext: 3250. Tel: 023 8201 3250


Lisa Croome: Learning Resources Assistant
Room: ML205 Ext: 6361. Tel: 023 8201 6361


Eirini Maranti: Learning Resources Assistant
Room: ML205 Ext: 3621. Tel: 023 8201 3621

Dan Scutt: Learning Resources Assistant
Room: ML205  Ext: 6210. Tel: 023 8201 6210

Dan Smith: Learning Resources Assistant
Room: ML205  Ext: 6369. Tel: 023 8201 6369


Collection support and access team

Getaneh Alemu: Cataloguing and Metadata Librarian
Room: MLB06 Ext: 3674. Tel: 023 8201 3674


Paul Gray: Learning Resources Assistant 
Room: MLB06 Ext: 3444. Tel: 023 8201 3444


David Wright: Associate University Librarian
Room: MLB06 Ext: 3569. Tel: 023 8201 3569


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Loans services team

Gillian Hatt: Library Operations Supervisor (Customer Services)
Room: ML015 Ext: 3680. Tel: 023 8201 3680


Chris North: Library Services Manager
Room: ML013 Ext: 3677. Tel: 023 8201 3677


Rebecca Love: Learning Services Co-ordinator
Room: ML014. Ext: 3561. Tel: 023 8201 3561
Mobile: 07764 960711


For a list of staff at the Warsash Maritime Academy Library, please consult the WMA Library pages

Library digital and technical support

Julie Kingstone: Digital Systems Support Librarian
Room: ML108 Ext: 3613. Tel: 023 8201 3613


Kevin Lawless: IT Support Officer
Library LRC Help Desk Ext:3695. Tel: 023 8201 3695

Matt Dean: IT Support Officer
Library LRC Help Desk Ext:6368. Tel: 023 8201 6368

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If you are not sure who is responsible for a particular subject area or service, you can also browse by subject area or service.

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