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Library and LRC regulations


1. These regulations apply to all the libraries and learning resource centres (LRCs). The purpose of the regulations is to enable all users of the libraries and LRCs to benefit equally and fully from the facilities available. Those who fail to observe them may be subject to the University's disciplinary procedures.

2. These regulations form part of the University's regulations and where relevant the University student regulations apply. Particularly relevant are those on conduct, copyright, data protection and information technology.

The regulations are also governed, in the case of network and computer facilities, by the JANET (Joint Academic Network) Regulations.

Use of and access to the libraries and LRCs

3. Access to and use of the libraries and LRCs are available to all students and staff of the University. This includes access to services, with any restrictions as advertised, and use of the borrowing facilities in the libraries. For further information please see our access policy. Campus cards are required for access.

4. Access and use are also available to University franchise students and to academic staff teaching on its franchise courses. The specific conditions of use, including any restrictions, are set out in the documentation relating to franchise courses.

5. Access to and reference use of the libraries are generally available to non-members of the University, though subject to any publicised restrictions which may apply from time to time. Please note that photgraphic ID is required for access. External users may apply to become external borrowers, and the specific conditions, including fees payable, are set out in the documentation relating to external users.

6. Use of the learning resource centres and of the IT and multimedia facilities in the library is NOT generally available to non-members of the University.

7. Children under 16 who are accompanied by an adult may come into the libraries. Accompanying adults are responsible for ensuring that children are well controlled and do not cause disruption. Access by children to the LRCs requires the agreement of the staff on duty.

8. Animals may not be brought into the libraries and LRCs, with the exception of accompanying guide or assistance dogs.

Behaviour in the libraries and LRCs

9. Users are required to conduct themselves in a manner which is considerate towards others, including staff and other users. Those who are considered to have verbally abused any member of staff will be required to leave immediately and may render themselves subject to disciplinary action.

10. Noise and conversation must be kept to reasonable levels in all areas of the Libraries and LRCs. Silence must be maintained in the designated silent study areas of the libraries at all times. In the quiet study areas only whispered conversation is permitted. For more information on library zones please see where to study.

11. Discussion is allowed in any designated group study area for the purposes of project work and other studies but users are required to keep conversations and noise at a reasonable level. The playing of music is not permitted.

12. Individual study carrels are available for silent, private study in the Mountbatten Library for specific categories of users, as advertised. Users must adhere to the conditions of use displayed.

13. Mobile phones can only be used in designated areas of the library to make calls and ring tones should be switched off at all times. Silent use (e.g. texting) is permitted in other areas of the library. While using the Andrews and Matthews LRCs phones should be turned off or be on silent and should not be used to make calls.

14. Apart from the consumption of bottled water, eating and drinking are not allowed at WMA library and in any of the learning resource centres.

Drinks and some cold snack foods are permitted in the library at East Park Terrace (EPT) and can be obtained from library vending machines. Hot, smelly or greasy foods, such as takeaways, may not be brought into, or consumed in the library. The consumption of alcohol is prohibited.

15. The wearing or use of roller skates/blades, skate boards or similar in the libraries and LRCs are not allowed.

16. Furniture and equipment must be used in the manner for which they were intended.

17. Disabled toilets are reserved for the use of users with a disability. Disabled users are also given priority use of the lifts.

General security and safety

18. Users must have their campus cards available when entering the Libraries and LRCs and must produce them on request. Visitors must be able to provide photographic identification in order to gain access.

19. Users must comply with any request from staff to examine items carried with them on leaving the Library, or at any other time if necessary.

20. Requests to vacate areas in the interests of safety and to comply with evacuation procedures, must be followed.

21. Users wishing to carry out any special work in the Libraries or LRCs (eg involving the use of cameras or other equipment) must obtain permission from a supervisor or a manager in advance.

A CCTV system operates in the library and LRCs. You can find further information about safety issues including our CCTV guidelines on the safety in the library page.

Responsibility for library materials

22. Users must treat all library materials with care and will be liable for any damage caused and will be required to pay repair or replacement costs. This may be the full cost of replacement or a restitution charge (minimum £15) may be levied.

23. Wilful damage, theft or attempted theft of library materials or equipment will result in users being liable to disciplinary action.

24. Users discovering damaged or mutilated materials within the libraries must report them to library staff. Any attempt to remove such items from a library will be regarded as attempted theft.

Borrowing of library materials

25. All material borrowed from the libraries must be properly issued and recorded in line with an individual's borrowing rights and library loan periods.

26. Material designated for reference use in the Libraries is not normally available for loan and in addition the library service reserves the right to prohibit or limit the loan of any item.

27. University campus cards (or external borrower cards) are used to record loans, and borrowing can only take place on the production of a valid card. Cards are not transferable and lost cards must be reported immediately. Borrowers are fully liable for all material issued to them up to the time the loss of a card is reported.

28. A change of address must be reported to the library immediately.

29. A penalty may be imposed on a borrower who fails to return material by the date and time prescribed including the complete or partial withdrawal of borrowing rights. Where materials are not returned then replacement costs for items will be charged. If replacement costs are not paid then degrees or diplomas may not be awarded until library material has been returned or debts paid. Legal action may be taken by the University and outside agencies may be used to recover material when necessary.

Responsibility for IT equipment and facilities

30. Users must treat all IT equipment with respect and accept responsibility for the equipment they use, whether in the LRCs, Libraries, or on hire or loan.

31. IT equipment and computer software are for academic use only. Commercial and recreational use is prohibited.

32. All software is licensed and copyright protected. Users must not copy software (or manuals) or use software which is not licensed to the University.

33. The use of any IT equipment or software to store or transmit messages or materials that are obscene or offensive is prohibited.

Hiring of IT equipment

34. Equipment hired from the LRCs must be properly recorded and the appropriate charge must be paid ( via deduction from account) at the time of hire.

35. University campus cards must be shown before equipment can be hired. Cards are not transferable and loss of cards must be reported immediately in order to prevent misuse by others.

36. Users are fully liable for any equipment that they hire. Any problems experienced when using equipment and any damage incurred whilst equipment is in their possession must be reported.

37. A penalty will be imposed on a user who fails to return equipment by the date and time prescribed. The standard penalty is a monetary fine. Failure to return equipment or to pay the fine will result in the withdrawal of the users' access to the IT facilities. This may be lead ultimately to the deferment of the award of degrees or diplomas until equipment has been returned or charges paid. Legal action to recover equipment may be taken by the University when necessary.

Copyight and data protection

38. Observance of copyright regulations is compulsory for all users of the Libraries and LRCs. This applies to all formats of material equally, including print, electronic, video, slides and other media.

39. Users of copying machines within the libraries and LRCs (including photocopiers and scanners) must familiarise themselves with the relevant copyright regulations before copying. Notices near copiers and scanners will outline permitted copying and scanning - if in doubt library staff should be consulted before the machines are used.

Further information on copyright

40. Observance of the data protection act (1988) and the SSU policy on data protection is compulsory for all users of the libraries and LRCs.


For further information or advice please contact: 

Graeme Barber: Deputy University Librarian (Customer Services and Operations)
Room: ML110. Ext: 3867. Tel: 023 8201 3867



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