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User experience project

Margaret Feetham, Kate Stephenson and Susan Taylor are involved in a project looking at how people use the spaces in the Library so that we can have a better understanding of how we can modify Library space to make it a better place for learning activity.

The project will involve a variety of user experience (UX)/ ethnographic methods and is based closely on a number of studies that have taken place at other universities e.g. York University library which has been written up in some detail on the Lib-Innovation blog.

We did a Love Library/Love post-it exercise around St Valentine's day ( 14 February 2017) where we invited you to tell us on poster boards what you liked about the Library and what you would like to have.  Most of you liked the long opening hours and the study environment. What you wanted was more food availability and better temperature control and these comments have been passed on to Estates and Facilities.

During the fortnight of 20 March 2017 to 2 April 2017, we will be doing a study of where people work in the Library so we can see what space is used.  We will being using two techniques:  heat maps whereby at certain times of the day, we will just plot where people are sitting in the Library; and observational mapping which means we will watch an area for an hour to get a bit more detail about traffic in and out of the area and how long people stay. In both cases, we will not be using any personal data and if you see us watching and wish to be excluded from the survey,  just let us know.

We will be doing a number of other projects including asking you to take us around the Library explaining how you use it and learning diaries within which you note where you study in and outside of the library.  If you are interested in engaging in any of these, please email Margaret Feetham for more information.

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