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Automatic wireless connection

About the app

A new way to connect to SolentNet and eduroam, the University’s wifi network, is here. JoinNow is an application that automatically configures most mobile devices (including laptops) to the University network settings. iOS, OS X, Android, Windows, Kindle, Chrome and Linux devices* can all connect automatically using the JoinNow service.

The JoinNow app configures and connects your devices to the SolentNet and/or Eduroam secure/encrypted wireless networks. It can also ensure your device trusts only the legitimate networks and not a fake or imitation network.

*iOS 2.0 +, OS X 10.5+, Android 2.1+, Windows RT, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

JoinNow instructions

The JoinNow app for Android is available for download from Google Play Store and the Kindle app is available from the Kindle store.

Once you have successfully connected to SolentNet or eduroam for the first time there should be no need to run the JoinNow process again, as your device will then automatically connect to the network.

We recommend that all staff and students use JoinNow as the primary wireless connection method. JoinNow installs security certificates onto the connecting devices which enables secure, encrypted access to the wireless.

For further details of the JoinNow service see the JoinNow FAQ.

In the unlikely event that the JoinNow service does not appear to work then please contact the Learning Resource Centres via the telephone numbers provided or via e-mail

Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that all devices will be able to connect to the wireless network.

The JoinNow App is available for download from the locations listed below. Please note that Apple iOS devices do not require the app, iOS users should proceed directly to the JoinNow webpage and follow the on-screen instructions.

App available for Android via Google Play 

App available for Kindle via Amazon Marketplace



How does the JoinNow app work?

JoinNow configures your device to connect to only the proper secure network, preventing honeypot traps or rogue SSIDs from impersonating the network and capturing your data. In addition, configuring your device with the app can help eliminate common connection issues when connecting to a secure network.

Why do we use the JoinNow app?

We have determined that auto-configuring your device will result in safer connections for you the user, and have found it reduces the number of connection issues.

How do I configure for the network once I have installed the app?

After downloading the app, return to and hit the JoinNow button. Your device will download the settings it needs to connect to the network and configure them for you automatically.

Why do I have to set a screen lock? (Android Only)

For increased security we have chosen to store a digital certificate onto your device. The digital certificate will validate the network, protecting you from copycat or “evil-twin” networks that might try to steal your information. This is a pretty common safety feature for secure wireless. However, Android requires the device to be protected before certificates can be stored on them.

If you no longer need to connect to the network and want to disable the screen lock, you may need to clear your credential storage first. On your Android device, go to Settings > Security then click on Clear Certificates near the bottom. You should now be able to disable any screen lock.

Please note: if you disable your PIN after configuring your device, you may experience connectivity or security issues with your network.

Alternatives to disabling lock screen

Before disabling the lock screen, consider first changing how often you are prompted. Instead of being prompted every time you turn on the screen, you can set it only to lock after 30 minutes of activity. There are 3rd party apps which can extend this time by hours or even days.

Although Android requires a screen lock, it does not necessarily have to be a PIN or password. Pattern locks should also be acceptable, as well as some third party locks such as fingerprinting or other biometrics.

There are also third party apps that will let you hide or “suppress” the lock screen. You will still need to set a password or pin, but these apps will bypass the lock screen while they are running.

After configuration, do I still need the JoinNow app?

No, after configuring your device and connecting for the first time, the app does not need to run to stay connected. However, consider holding on to it to ease the process when you need to re-authenticate to the network, or experience connection issues and need to re-configure the device.

I'm experiencing connectivity problems.

The JoinNow app does not manage the wireless on your device in any way. If you are experiencing connections issues, please contact the Learning Resource Centres via the telephone numbers provided or via e-mail:

Page last updated on Thursday 3 March 2016 at 2.42pm.


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