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Problems and complaints

Certificates for problems

If you have a problem using the computers which is not your fault but may result in your assignment being handed in late, you can ask for a certificate from the helpdesk.

You must ask at the time of the problem, we may not be able to remember at a later date.

Please remember to contact your tutor as soon as you know there is a problem, they do not like to be 'surprised' by problem certificates and the certificates are not a guarantee of allowances in assignment marking.


If you encounter any problems during your use of the learning resource centres, the helpdesk staff are there to assist.

In the unlikely event of dissatisfaction, you can contact:

Rebecca Love: Learning Services Co-ordinator
Room: ML014. Ext: 3561. Tel: 023 8201 3561

Chris North: Senior Learning Services Co-ordinator
Room: ML013 Ext: 3677. Tel: 023 8201 3677


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