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LGBT friendly employers

lgbtDisclosing your sexual orientation to any prospective employer is an entirely personal decision. You are not legally obliged to say anything. It is unlawful to discriminate on the grounds of sexual orientation in employment.

It is hard enough to find employment upon graduation, without feeling you have to hide part of who you are. Many employers actively promote the fact that they support LGBT applicants and employees and are responsive to their needs. Many wish to develop a sense of justice and endeavour to attract the best candidates, irrespective of their sexual orientation.

According to a survey conducted by Stonewall, ‘People who are out as LGB at work experience better job satisfaction and have a higher sense of achievement, according to 67 per cent of lesbian, gay and bi people’ (

But how can you identify employers who are likely to be supportive and what steps can you take to positively market yourself?

Read these top tips to find out more:

Top tips

  • Research any employers thoroughly before applying. Take a look at their diversity policy on their website. Look for these icons on their website: 
             stonewall      proud employers
  • Be open-minded. Keep a positive attitude and be prepared to have your stereotypes challenged.
  • Keep your CV up-to-date. If you are comfortable doing so, include any involvement in LGBT activities that demonstrate your transferable skills.
  • Check out the organisations listed on the Stonewall Equality Index of over 400 employers.
  • Network and attend career events, especially those targeted at LGBT students and graduates such as DiversCity in Law aimed at LGBT students interested in a law career.
  • Employers want enthusiastic and positive employees, so concentrate on your achievements and skills.
  • Be out if you want to be. Consider the pros and cons of being ‘out’ or not depending on each individual employer. Remember to do what makes YOU feel comfortable.

Useful links

Proud Employers - Proud Employers is a place for jobseekers to find roles with lesbian gay bisexual and trans-friendly employers and for organisations to attract more diverse staff to their workplaces.

Starting Out Guide - On this website you'll find profiles of Stonewall's Diversity Champions - British employers who actively demonstrate commitment to their LGBT staff.

Diversity Jobs – This site only displays jobs from employers who understand the value of building a diverse workforce.

The Big IDEA - ‘The big I.D.E.A.’ stands for Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Accessibility – It is the central hub for the diversity industry, forward-thinking employers and job seekers to communicate. ‘The big I.D.E.A.’ is powered by

Target Jobs –  information related to equality and diversity in the careers advice section.

CareerBox –  Options and Opportunities section contains a wealth of useful information related to finding appropriate opportunities.

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