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Using LinkedIn in your job search

linked-in-thumbLinkedIn is a valuable tool to use in your job search.It allows you to include more information than a standard CV. Employers can target you with their vacancies if you use the right terms in your profile, and you can use it to see what alumni from your course at university are doing. You can raise your profile by contributing to group discussions, linking to informational articles, and writing your own contributions.

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Top tips

Complete your profile

The power you can obtain from LinkedIn begins with building a solid professional profile and presence. Building your influence, generating introductions and referrals, and uncovering valuable business opportunities.

Having a complete profile is the most effective way to showcase all of your talents, background, experience, passions, interests and areas of expertise.

Having a complete profile will also demonstrate that you are a competent user of the network. Your LinkedIn profile may be an introduction to the next phase of your career; you want to make an impression.

Linkedin screengrabYou can also use your profile as a CV builder - just click  "download as pdf" from the "edit profile" dropdown menu.

Edit your public URL 

Customisation of your URL will optimise your LinkedIn profile to show up in search engines. It is important to claim those results as they provide a gateway into your personal brand.

Add your URL to your CV to demonstrate your awareness of social media to employers.

Include links

You can have links to other sites such as Twitter and blogs.

Be public 

Being invisible will not help you build a network.


There are many applications that you can add to your LinkedIn profile, such as slide share, which will allow you to share your presentations. This can help to make your profile stand out from others and demonstrate your knowledge.

Other applications you may wish to add in are reading lists by Amazon, your travel and events, links to your blogs and polls.

Get your network started

You can upload your from your mailboxes; this is done through the “Add connections” tabs. You may wish to write a small message to identify yourself. You may also wish to add previous colleagues and classmates to your network. 

Join groups 

Interact with individuals in those groups and increase your visibility. This will also allow people to connect with you.

Give before asking

This is important to do on any social networking site, and more so on LinkedIn. The best way to give to others would be to make recommendations or introductions. If you are trying to make a name for yourself, then connecting two people could help.

You never know where an opportunity or a big breakthrough can come from. If you share ideas only with those you know and don’t branch out to connect with new people, you limit your opportunities.

Be careful about asking to link with senior people at organisations you have no common connections with - it can be seen as overconfident.

Make personal interactions

When you send an invitation to connect with someone, try to write a personal message. It will help people to remember you.

Create a profile badge

This will help you to boost your public profile when clicked. You can then use the badge on other places like a personal blog or website or even on your email signature.

Find jobs on LinkedIn’s job board

You can use your profile and LinkedIn's job board to help you land an awesome job. LinkedIn allows you to search for jobs by industry and location. It even suggests jobs you might be interested in based on the information in your LinkedIn profile.

Get endorsed

Endorsements enable users to endorse the skills of people they are connected to. These will be listed in the skill and expertise section of profiles. These endorsements then show up on a profile. If you endorse your connections, they may well endorse you as well.

Just make sure your profile is complete and you've listed the skills you want people to endorse you for. It will definitely give your profile a bit of a credibility boost.

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