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Motor insurance and driver regulations

Drivers RegulationsSolent University has fully comprehensive motor insurance in place for all university leased/owned vehicles.

Insurance is also provided for vehicles hired through the University's approved suppliers for business use.

University owned/leased cars driven in the EU, Croatia, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are covered by our motor insurance.

Any car hired overseas is not insured and motor cover will need to be purchased in the country of hire (regardless of whether it is in one of the countries above).

No insurance is in place for overseas use of owned/leased or hired in minibuses. Minibuses should not be taken overseas.

Due to legal requirements under the motor insurers database if the hire period is to be 14 days or over then staff must inform and This must be done prior to the hire taking place or motor insurance will not be available.

Staff driving their own vehicles on university business are not covered under the University's insurance. It is the responsibility of staff to ensure that their own motor policy is extended to include business use.

Staff should also complete a copy of the driver's screening form and submit a copy of their paper/photo card licence before driving a university vehicle or hired-in car on university business.

Staff are required to provide a copy of their online licence record to accompany the driver's screening form. The guide below outlines how this can be obtained.

The definition of a minibus is a vehicle with 9-16 passengers plus the driver.

The regulations regarding the driving of minibuses are dependent on when you received your full driving licence.

For motor insurance to be in place, all drivers must be aged 21 or over and have held a full UK driving license for the correct class of vehicle for at least two years.

Please note that the University has a policy that requires all drivers to undertake formal minibus training prior to driving a minibus on University business. This is irrespective of whether the minibus is owned, leased or hired by the University or whether the driver has an automatic D1 entitlement. For more information with regards to Minibus Drivers Regulations, please refer to the Health and Safety portal page below:

Drivers Regulations - minibuses

People Movers (MPVs)

Vehicles which carry 8 passengers plus 1 driver are not classed as minibuses. For motor insurance to be in place for the use of these vehicles, all drivers must be aged 18 or over and have held the correct license for the class of vehicle they are driving for at least one year.

The role of the Insurance Office

Whilst the Insurance Office can advise on motor insurance related queries it is ultimately up to the manager concerned to establish whether the person holds the correct license and whether they are an appropriate individual to carry out this task. 

Page last updated on Wednesday 22 August 2018 at 11.28am.


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