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Reporting defects

Maintenance problem?

ToolsTap dripping? Heater on the blink? If you have a maintenance problem in your room or with items in your communal area, you need to report it online:

Report a defect

You will receive email confirmation of the fault and updates of its progress.

Once on the page you need to detail you name, room number and the problem that you wish to be addressed.

This system will be ready to use from your mobile devices soon, but in the meantime you can use the laptop in your residence manager's office, or complete a form and the report will be made on your behalf.  Remember to leave your name and student ID so that you get the progress emails.

Lucia Foster Welsh residents: Contact your residence office directly or email

Once you have completed the request you will be sent an email with confirmation. The maintenance fault will then be logged with the maintenance team. Items are given priority in the order of how urgent the item is. For example somebody with no hot water is given preference over somebody whose lamp has blown a bulb.

By reporting your maintenance fault online you are giving authorisation for the maintenance officer to enter your room and fix the defect. You will receive confirmation that the work has been completed via email once the maintenance team have closed the job off on the system.

Maintenance standard guide

Emergency repairs - our aim is to investigate and make safe within five hours.

Emergency repairs include:

  • Serious flooding and leaks.
  • Loss of water supply.
  • Complete loss of electricity.
  • Unsecure room.
  • Hazard affecting safety of residents.

Urgent repairs - our aim is to investigate and make safe within 48 hours.

Urgent repairs include:

  • No hot water.
  • No heating.
  • Blocked toilet or drain.

Routine/minor repairs - our aim is to investigate, make safe and repair or appoint specialist contractor within one month.

Routine/minor repairs include:

  • 'Slow' leaks.
  • Partially blocked drains.
  • Minor building, furniture and fittings.
  • Minor repairs to door or windows.
  • External repairs.

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